Duran Duran – The Mann Center, Philadelphia

It is 2008, so I guess the reaction I got for this was to be expected, even if it would’ve made me the coolest kid I know in 1983. Thursday night I got to see the pop rock legends known as Duran Duran play at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. When I told people about my attendance beforehand, the typical reaction was a confused look followed by giggling. I’m OK with that, though, because I get the last laugh: Duran Duran put on an incredible show.

Openers Your Vegas got the crowd, mostly those d’un certain âge, pumped with their dreamlike rock sound and incredible energy, despite a fracture heel suffered by front man Coyle Girelli. Anticipation was high enough that in between sets, the audience screamed at the change of a light on stage, believing it a sign that Duran Duran was set to come out and begin their set. Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Jon Taylor and Roger Taylor came on stage to an explosion of sound from the crowd. The beginning of the set featured the namesake of both the current tour and the band’s latest album, “Red Carpet Massacre” as well as notable hit “Hungry Like The Wolf.”

Throughout Duran Duran’s first set, the audience danced non-stop. Le Bon performed high kicks in the air like a champ and bassist Taylor constantly moved about the stage. The energy exhibited by Duran Duran was phenomenal, but the audience gave the band a run for their money. An hour-long dance fest ensued to the utmost pleasure of every single person in attendance; there was no better place to be and no better people to be with.

Before launching into “Save A Prayer,” Le Bon encouraged the audience to pull out and open their cell phones to see “that square of light” so that they could create their own stars within the Mann Center. The venue became its own miniature galaxy for the five and a half minutes of “Save A Prayer.” The remainder of the instrumental set rocked hard, keeping the audience 100% energized for the electronic set, complete with dual turntables with large lit up D’s, that followed. The beats were fierce and the crowd managed to keep moving to them, despite having had only a 3 minute rest in between sets.

Duran Duran’s 27 year history only plays in their favor. They’ve mastered an array of musical styles and tightly pull them all off during their live show. Le Bon, Rhodes, and the Taylors still possess the energy, intensity and enthusiasm they began their career with in 1980. The 22 date North American stint ends at the end of this month, with two shows at Central Park’s Summer Stage in New York City. The band will then head across the pond to Europe for a slew of dates in Europe.

If Duran Duran is headed your way, do not pass up the chance to see them live, especially if you like to dance. Relive the best of what the 80s had to offer, as well as amazing music from the 90s through today, with Duran Duran.

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Tour Dates:
May 24 – Atlantis/Paradise Island (Bahamas)
May 27 – Merriweather Post Pavilion/Columbia, Maryland
May 28 – Agganis Arena/Boston, Massachusetts
May 30 – Central Park Summerstage/New York City, New York
May 31 – Central Park Summerstage/New York City, New York
Jun 12 – Palais Nikaia/Nice
Jun 18 – Cirque Royal/Brussels
Jun 19 – Heineken Music Hall/Amsterdam
Jun 21 – Folkeparken/Hjørring, Nordjylland
Jun 22 – KB Hall/Copenhagen
Jul 03 – O2 Arena/London
Jul 05 – Liverpool Echo Arena/Liverpool
Jul 06 – Nottingham Arena/Nottingham
Jul 07 – NIA/Birmingham
Jul 10 – Super Bock Super Rock Festival/Lisbon
Jul 12 – Maag Music Hall/Zurich
Jul 13 – The Gasometer/Vienna
Jul 15 – Esedra – Palazzo Tè/Mantova
Jul 16 – Roma Rock Festival/Roma
Jul 18 – Pala de André/Ravenna
Jul 19 – Idr O Scalo/Milano
Jul 20 – Spiaggia Del Faro/Jesolo
Jul 22 – Arena Flegrea/Napoli
Jul 23 – Piazza Indipendenza/Reggio Calabria
Jul 26 – Luxol Parade Ground/Pembroke

Duran Duran: website | myspace


4 Responses

  1. who made fun of you?? because i’m telling you right now— I AM SO JEALOUS! i have to figure out a way to make it to the B52’s. their “come back,” which sounds exactly the same as their original tunes. haha great review. it did it’s job and made me even more upset that i missed it! haha 🙂

  2. I went to the show and it was…Amazing! I jumped on the DD bus in 1983 at age 10 and I was a pre-teen all over again at the show. The new album RCM is fantastic and their mix of old and new material was perfect. They looked fabulous too! John Taylor is sexy as ever (yes, I am still drawn to that not-so-innocent smile)and Simon LeBon still has the sexy swagger. If you live on the east coast see them in NYC this weekend before they head to Europe for the summer. Oh, and come early to see “Your Vegas” because it is worth it. These young brits with their
    U2 vocals are intense. I met them after their set and they were very appreciative and humble.
    Don’t listen to what your friends may think; Duran Duran is alive and well and simply fabulous!

  3. The show was absolutely brilliant! Glad to hear you made it out, too! I don’t think Simon will ever lose that sexy swagger — dreamy!

    Your Vegas is absolutely fabulous and totally our homeboys. We’ve done a lot with them here on PopWreck(oning). I agree that everyone going to see Duran Duran should get there early to see Your Vegas!

  4. This show was AMAZING!

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