Interview with: Donald Cummings, The Virgins

Donald Cumming, The Virgins: Hi, Jessica. How is Philadelphia?
Jessica, PopWreckoning: Philadelphia is lovely. I’m actually in the suburbs right now, I just got off work so I have to drive home. Where are you at tonight?
DC: I’m in Atlanta. The back of a venue. We’re watching this bus trying to pull in and we’re trying to get the trailer as close to the back of the venue as possible so they can start loading the gear.
PW: What venue is the show at tonight?
DC: Oh, I see what it said in front [laughs]
PW: [laughs] That’s fine.
[lots of background noise]
DC: Hold on one second. I’m gonna move away from the bus.

Donald Cummings, The Virgins

Donald Cummings, The Virgins

PW: Speaking of being in Atlanta to play a show tonight, how is the tour with Black Kids been going?
DC: It’s been really fun so far. We’ve played three shows and we’re having a blast. They’re really, really fun and really sweet. They’re really fun to watch live. We’ve just been having a good time.
PW: Excellent. I’m going to be at the show Monday in Philadelphia. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys.
DC: Awesome!

:  It’s a great line-up you’re on, and you guys have toured a lot.
DC: This is our fifth national tour. It’s the fourth or fifth.
PW: What cities have you found are really receptive to you guys and where do you like playing the most?
DC: I love playing everywhere. I probably like playing New York. I love playing San Francisco. I love playing L.A. and I love playing in Columbus, Ohio. We don’t pick the places based on whether we’ve had a good show or not, we just kind of go everywhere. It’s just fun to play so we try to go everywhere.
PW: Yeah, totally. What does the live show entail for you guys? Is it a big party or what?
DC: We definitely dance and sweat a lot. We try to play as loud as we can. I like to get up there and do some cardio.

PW: Speaking of which, the video for “Private Affair,” there’s a lot of …cardio going on.
DC: [laughs]
PW: What inspired you to shoot the video that way?
DC: Growing up in the New York, we had these public access shows and one of my favorite shows when I was a little kid was called “The Robin Byrd Show.” It was a late night sex program that would have strippers from the tri-state area.
Every kid that grows up in New York, basically, knows about channel 35 and knows about “The Robin Byrd Show” because that’s your first exposure to explicit sexual material when you’re a kid in the city. We just want to pay tribute to that show.
PW: I’ve heard of it because, I guess, back in the late 90s, Cheri Oteri used to do a skit of “The Robin Byrd Show” on “Saturday Night Live.”
DC: Oh! That is so true! She really did. I haven’t thought about that in… Holy shit, you’re the first person to say that. She totally did.
PW: It was pretty hilarious. I don’t know how true to the real Robin Byrd it was…
DC: I don’t remember…I just remember that there was a “Saturday Night Live” Robin Byrd. I have no other memory of it than that. I haven’t thought about it in years.
PW: I kind of remember that she would just phase out at points and stare into space and then jump back into it.
DC: Naw! Yeah! That was her! Robin Byrd was definitely hip.

PW: The video for the first single “Rich Girls” is also very sexy, where you get that hot chick to give you guys a table and a lap dance. What was it like filming that?
DC: It was a blast! We actually filmed those two videos in the same 48 hours. It was just hectic. The filming of the video, especially the “Rich Girls” video, was really, really fun because what we wanted to do was just go to a place where we all hang out all of the time and make something that felt natural and really represented us visually, maybe.
We got together at Lit, which is a bar that we’ve been going to for 6 years or something like that, maybe longer. We invited all of our friends down and basically just had a party there like any normal night, except the catch was the Victoria Secret model. She was really gracious and came down. She’s lovely and she’s so sweet and so cool. She just really made the video. We just knew there was going to have to be something to offset all the testosterone and drunken dudes. That wouldn’t be so interesting for everybody.
So she definitely made the video. Made some contrast to the drunken idiots that we sometimes can be.
PW: It definitely looked like a good time. It’s a very cool video.
DC: It was a blast. I really did have fun. And Bahati [Prinsloo] was really, really, cool. She is a super awesome girl. She’s from South Africa.

PW: At the end of last month, you guys were on “Conan” and next week you’ll be on “Letterman.”
DC: Yeah, I keep forgetting about that. That’s coming up.
PW: [laughs] How do you forget you’re going to play on “Letterman?”
DC: I dunno. Just ’cause we have a show tonight and I just think about the next show.

PW: Since you’ve already been on “Conan,” how different is it to play before a studio audience as opposed to a concert audience?
DC: It’s not really different…or, well… When you’re playing for a studio audience, you’re playing a little more to a camera than you would in a venue when you’re playing to a crowd and people are standing right in front of you. When you play in front of a studio audience, they’re like 30 feet away from you at the closest. It’s like a completely different feeling. Even the atmosphere and the electricity in the room because there’s these cameras between you and the crowd and it’s very formal. It’s very professional.
When we play live, we really try to be present and you can speed a song up or slow it down, the kind of things you wouldn’t necessarily do on television. It really is a pretty different experience. I wasn’t expecting to experience the contrast so dramatically.
PW: Do you think it will make “Letterman” easier now that you’ve done “Conan” and you know what to expect.
DC: Yeah, I mean, now I have a little bit more of an idea about what we’re in for. Yeah, I think it’ll be a little easier.
PW: Will it be the same song?
DC: They’re spaced so close together and we’re still on our first single, so yeah, it’s gonna be “Rich Girls.”

PW: You have a song on the upcoming “Gossip Girl” soundtrack. That’s really cool because they have a lot of great music on the show. Have you ever [laughs] watched it?
DC: Yeah, yeah, I have. I watched the episode that we were in and I watched another one, too. It was awesome. I liked it, I really enjoyed. The girls are hot on that show. I dig it, to be quite honest.
PW: It’d be sweet if they let you guys go on and perform. Then maybe you can hang out with the cast. How did you get involved with the soundtrack?
DC: One of the music directors from “Gossip Girl” contacted us on MySpace and asked if they could use some of the songs on the show. We were really, really flattered and we obviously we were excited. It’s just awesome.

PW: MySpace, the internet in general, is just doing so much for bands to get their music out there.
DC: Oh yeah, absolutely.
PW: Not so much anymore, especially with people downloading music, this is more of a way of promoting yourselves, but even 10 years ago, if a band had put music in a TV show or commercial, it would’ve been considered “selling out.”
DC: You think so? I think it always depends on the band, you know. Putting songs in movies like when Guns ‘N Roses put their songs in Terminator 2, I was not upset. I was fucking thrilled because I love Guns ‘N Roses and I love Terminator 2. When they came together, it was a glorious day for me.
That kind of thing is always, I just don’t think about that.
PW: That’s fair. It works out for me ’cause I like you guys and I like “Gossip Girl.”
DC: There you go! Thank you.

PW: Back to touring with the Black Kids. Are Magic Wands opening on every date of the tour?
DC: Yeah, I think so.
PW: How has it been hanging out with all those kids?
DC: Everybody on the tour has been really sweet and is really, really cool. It’s been super mellow and both Black Kids and Magic Wands are putting on amazing shows every night.

PW: Despite the fact that it’s an awesome tour and you’re having a good time, if you could put together a dream tour where you got to play with anyone you wanted, who would you want to share a stage with?
DC: I can’t think about the past, but I would like to tor with the Rolling Stones, I think. Like now, you know. That would be awesome.

The Virgins: website | myspace



Black Kids and The Virgins @ First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia

New York City’s The Virgins are out to have a good time and a good time is what they have every night on stage. Currently touring as support for Florida natives Black Kids. A great deal of the set reminded me of We Are Scientists with some fun distortions on guitar. Front man Donald Cummings had an intense energy that the crowd fed off of and they returned the band’s enthusiasm threefold.

Set List:
Private Affairs
Radio Christiane
Hey Hey Girl
Teen Lovers
One Week of Danger
Fernando Pando
She’s Expen$ive
Rich Girls

Ending on the high note of energetic single “Rich Girls,” The Virgins had gotten the crowd excited for headliners Black Kids. Touring their major label debut Partie Traumatic, Black Kids hit the road hard this fall taking their dance rock jams to kids all across the nation. The energy from the five piece was infectious and the entire Church basement was a great big dance party.

Set List:
Look At Me (When I Rock Witchoo)
Hit The Heartbrakes
Partie Traumatic
I’ve Underestimated My Charm (Again)
Listen To Your Body Tonight
I Wann Be Your Limo
Love Me Already
My Christian Name
Strange Power (Magnetic Fields)
I’m Making Eyes At You
I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance
You Only Call Me When You’re Crying
Hurricane Jane

The Virgins: website | myspace
Black Kids: website | myspace | Partie Traumatic review


‘Gossip Girl’ Soundtrack Giveaway

Despite your opinion of the show (if you don’t happen to think it’s fabulous in an unrealistic and trashy way, we probably can’t be friends), the “Gossip Girl” soundtrack is pretty sick, as you know from having read about it here.

You can go ahead and buy the soundtrack on iTunes or you could go the thrifty route and win a copy from PopWreckoning! We’ve got (1) copy of this phenom soundtrack to giveaway.

Enter to win by emailing Jessica with your mailing address and the answer to this question:
Team Serena or Team Blair? Seriously.
There’s no right answer and a winner will be drawn at random, but if you want to geek out with Jess about GG, she’d totes be into that.

Deadline: October 10th.

A winner has already been chosen.

01. The Kills – “Sour Cherry”
02. The Kooks – Do You Wanna”
03. Phantom Planet – “Do The Panic”
04. The Teenagers – “Feeling Better”
05. The Virgins – “One Week Of Danger (Demo Version)” (stream)
06. Nadia Oh – “Got Your Number”
07. Crystal Castles – “Crimewave”
08. The Republic Tigers – “Fight Song”
09. Junkie XL – “Cities In Dust”
10. The Ting Tings – “We Started Nothing”
11. Oppenheimer – “Breakfast In NYC”
12. The Pierces – “Three Wishes”
13. Albert Hammond Jr. – “Hard To Live In The City”

OMFGG: website


‘Gossip Girl’ Soundtrack

If you’ve ever read this site before, you probably know that Editor-in-Chief Jessica is pretty obsessed with CW‘s “Gossip Girl.” Everything about it. She doesn’t take calls on Monday night between 8 and 9pm. No, really. It is the most talked about show of last year, so she’s not alone.

“Gossip Girl” is set to release its first official soundtrack. Compiled by music supervisor extraordinaire, Alexandra Patsavas (“The O.C,” “Chuck,” “Mad Men”) OMFGG – Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl No. 1, is a compilation of 13 songs that helped bring the Upper East Side to life during the show’s phenomenal debut season.

The soundtrack features The Ting Tings, The Kills, The Virgins (stream their track below!), The Kooks, Crystal Castles, and a host of indie rock’s finest. The album is now available for download on iTunes and CDs will hit stores on October 28th. Here’s a sneak preview… XOXO

The soundtrack’s release also sees the launch of the all-new, a site devoted to the music featured on “Gossip Girl.” Fans of OMFGG can create their own profiles, chat with other fans, stream songs, and more.

01. The Kills – “Sour Cherry”
02. The Kooks – Do You Wanna”
03. Phantom Planet – “Do The Panic”
04. The Teenagers – “Feeling Better”
05. The Virgins – “One Week Of Danger (Demo Version)” (stream)
06. Nadia Oh – “Got Your Number”
07. Crystal Castles – “Crimewave”
08. The Republic Tigers – “Fight Song”
09. Junkie XL – “Cities In Dust”
10. The Ting Tings – “We Started Nothing”
11. Oppenheimer – “Breakfast In NYC”
12. The Pierces – “Three Wishes”
13. Albert Hammond Jr. – “Hard To Live In The City”

OMFGG: website | buy on iTunes