Katy Mae – You May Already Be A Winner

“May” is the keyword and You May Already Be A Winner is not a winner of a release by country-rockers Katy Mae. There’s potential with this group that wants to bridge the gap between straight up rock and roll and country, but on their EP, this effort comes off as a little contrived. There are some positive messages in the lyrics about picking oneself up and knowing you’re not alone if you have a shitty day, but the delivery of these messages is presented in a way that is downright formulaic.

Philip Doucet does have some nice vocal moments. I really like when the vocal duty finally receives some variation on “Let Me Bring You Down.” This song brings me back to the 90s. However, these good vocals are often buried in the more noticeable, poor ones like when Doucet holds out “night” on “Dust of My Friends.”

Sometimes my dislike for the broken vocal pitches typical of country music tainted my view of some of the songs, but, setting that aside, “Two Dollars Late” is a rock song with a huge build-up. Instrumental build-up is something the band is quite skilled at and they do this again on many of the other songs. I also really like the variances in title track, “You May Already Be A Winner.”

You May Already Be A Winner is available now.

01. Two Dollars Late
02. Falls Down
03. Dust of My Friends
04. You May Already Be A Winner
05. Let Me Bring You Down

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Written by: Bethany

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