Sebastien Grainger – Sebastien Grainger & the Mountains

Canadian solo musician Sebastien Grainger, better known for his part (vocals, drums) in the dance rock duo Death From Above 1979, has something to say, and he is going to tell you October 21 with a little help from Saddle Creek. Grainger is looking for some post DFA1979 success, like that seen with Jesse F. Keeler’s new project MSTRKRFT. With that said, one big question is left in the air. Will this forthcoming album, Sebastien Grainger & the Mountains, live up to the hype and expectation given to us from his American Names EP released earlier this year?

Grainger’s new album starts right off the bat with the DFA sound observable in the first track “Love Can Be So Mean,” yet without the pick-dragging/ loose change feel, it seems to be more refined. This songwriting virtuoso brings it down to earth with songs like “(Are There) Ways to Come Home” and “Love is Not a Contest,” with unexpected instruments like the piano and cooling vocals that remind me slightly of The Killers.

The album ends strong with songs like “American Names” and “Meet New Friends,” echoing that, oh-so-familiar DFA high-hat and drum beat radiating off of the skins. Locking this wonderful set of songs down at the end is my personal favorite “Renegade Silence.” Featuring The Rhythm Method (Sebastien’s side project), he turns the tone a little more electric and brings a pulsing, dancing beat (tambourine included).

Sebastien Grainger will get that well deserved success and is definitely going to be raising an eyebrow or two. I have a feeling that he will be around to blow minds for years to come, and make quite a name for himself in the music industry. You should check out his new album. We can’t say what will happen if you don’t.

01. Love Can Be So Mean
02. Who Do We Care For?
03. By Cover of Night (Fire Fight)
04. I’m All Rage ( Live ’05)
05. I Hate My Friends
06. (Are There) Ways to Come Home?
07. Niagara
08. ( I am Like a) River
09. Love Is Not a Contest
10. American Names
11. Meet New Friends
12. Renegade Silence (feat. The Rhythm Method)

Sebastien Grainger: website | myspace

Written by: Joe Gotschall



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