New Alan Cohen Experience “Obama” Music Video

Dear PopWreckoning friend Alan Cohen of the Alan Cohen Experience has created a new song/music video in commemoration of the final Presidential debate held last night at Hofstra University. The song features Cohen’s friends Ryan Pressman on the drums and AfroDZak on the trumpet. If nothing else (i.e.-you dig on that other Presidential wannabe duo). guaranteed laughs, especially within the first few seconds.

Jessica got the chance to chat with Alan for a while not too long ago, so check back for the interview to be posted!

Obama” Lyrics:
Obama, he’s the candidate for me
Obama, he sets the right policy
Obama, he’ll manage things responsibly
Obama, he’s the candidate for me

He understands the nuances of issues that he’ll have to face
He won’t define them with how lobbyists present their case
From the get-go he knew the Iraq war was off base

He speaks with a clear and simple ideology
He doesn’t have a my way or the highway philosophy
He’s not a slave to the free market or fundamentalist theology

He has the right ideas of health care and education
He’ll invest in infrastructure for the future of the nation
He’s not gonna be another Bush administration

Alan Cohen Experience: website | myspace



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