Jay Reatard – Matador Singles ’08

While there are pop artists that are bringing sexy back, Jay Reatard may quite possibly be the man to bring punk back from the dead to the ears of the living.

Jay Reatard is a punk-garage band from Memphis, Tennessee with a new album that came out October 7. The music on this album, which is titled Matador Singles ’08, is short, but most defiantly not sweet. This is true, because punk is calcified as anything but sweet, and in most cases it is sour. This album’s sound is a very raw recorded album, which gives off the same kind of vibe that you would get from playing old punk records like Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, or any of the early Clash records.

Jay Reatard’s vocals in his album have some what of a grunge version of the vocals from Cheap Trick in a few of the songs off this new album, such as the song “Always Wanting More.” The music in every song on this album has a fast paced, up beat tempo and is full of energy, which I can imagine, is transferred from sound and the movement of the people.

If you are a lover of punk, defiantly check this man’s music out.

01. See Saw
02. Screaming Hand
03. Painted Shut
04. An Ugly Death
05. Always Wanting More
06. You Mean Nothing to Me
07. Flourescent Grey
08. Trapped Here
09. Hiding Hole
10. D.O.A.
11. No Time
12. You Were Sleeping
13. I’m Watching You

Jay Reatard: website | myspace

Written by: Kyle Thurin

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