The Safes – Sight of All Light

The Chicago-based O’Malley brothers are shining bright on their edgy punk rock EP Sight of All Light.

Title track “Sight of All Light” is a good introduction to the band as the guys quickly rock and sing, “I want to say thank you for shining bright when I lost sight of all light.” The screaming “aahs” in “The Sky Is Falling” were a nice touch and beeps and glissandos set just the right mood for a track called “Unlock the Mystery.”

However, for as bright as parts of this EP happen to be, the downfall of having things in the light is that inevitably, something ends up in shadow. The lack of variation in “Troublemaker” makes this song a bit dull and as rocking as the guitars are on “Greed,” the vocals end up clashing.

Judge for yourself and check out Sight of All Light.

01. Sight of All Light
02. Troublemaker
03. The Sky Is Falling
04. Greed
05. Unlock the Mystery

The Safes: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany


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