TV On The Radio @ the Electric Factory, Philadelphia

Openers The Dirtbombs were already mid-set by the time I arrived at the Electric Factory on Friday and there is no tiptoeing around around the fact that I found the five piece completely lackluster. I sat on the bleachers bored with a friend. We flipped through The New Yorker awaiting TV On The Radio‘s set to begin.

The fellas kicked off their set with the title track from 2003’s Young Liars EP and from the very first note, Nigerian-born front man Tunde Adebimpe exploded with energy jumping around the stage. Much of the fantastic set, of course, included tracks off recent release Dear Science, which has already broken the top five on Billboard‘s Top Rock Albums list and hit number 12 on the Billboard 200.

As uninspired as I found the opening act, watching TV On The Radio rage on stage was an utter delight.

Tunde Adebimpe

Kyp Malone

Dave Sitek

Jaleel Bunton

TV On The Radio will finish up their North American tour in the beginning of November then head across the Atlantic for a European tour. Check the band’s MySpace page for dates and venues to catch a show near you.

Set List:
Young Liars
The Wrong Way
Dancing Choose
Golden Age
Wolf Like Me
Halfway Home
Blues From Down Here
Shout Me Out
Love Dog
Staring at the Sun

TV On The Radio: website | myspace



4 Responses

  1. ”I found the five piece completely lackluster”

    Care to explain why?

    I’ve seen over 100 bands live in the past two years and they were definitly in the top 3. Infact I’d go so far as to say they were the best. I’m just curious as to how you came to that conclusion?

    It’s a bit weird that you even bothered to review them if you arrived late…

  2. Wow! You read the “New Yorker!” That’s so impressive. I hope one day, I can arrive late to shows I am reviewing just to call a band lackluster, namedrop a magazine, and then write like a schoolgirl gushing about her first crush for the rest of the review.

    and by the way, the Dirtbombs are not lackluster. They are, however, different than TV on the Radio.

  3. The Dirtbombs’ people never confirmed that I set through them. TV on the Radio’s did.
    I found it lackluster. There wasn’t much else to be said.
    I see so many bands live that it’s starting to jade my concert going experience and I was not impressed by the Dirtbombs. I have nothing against them as people, I’m sure they’re awesome, but I didn’t enjoy their set.
    That’s all I have to say on the matter, please feel free to continue to trash me.

  4. It seems more like lazy journalism. As I asked before, What exactly did you find lackluster about them?

    Here’s a beginner’s guide list of things you could use as examples-
    Stage Presence, Crowd interaction, Set Length, Not liking the Genre, Member’s attitude etc etc

    You dont really say why you didnt like them and that’s kinda what’s bugging me.

    Plus didn’t you get in on the Dirtbombs guestlist?

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