Free Music Friday, Saturday Style

So who doesn’t love the weekend and free music? We dig both and want to share the love. PopWreckoning is proud to present ‘Free Music Friday’ — we’ll give you a quick rundown on a band and have an mp3 streaming and available for download. We think it’s a solid idea and hope you do, too!
Day late and a dollar short, but come on. Still, free music is free music. Enjoy this Saturday edition of ‘Free Music Friday!’

Empire of the Sun

Aussie electro pop duo Empire of the Sun recently released their debut album Walking On A Dream. The pair, comprised of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, have been receiving lots of positive airplay at home in Australia with their foot tapping dance beats, hooky melodies and ethereal falsettos.

“Walking on a Dream” (download)

website | myspace

Jean On Jean

Jean On Jean is ex-Out Hud/Raooul songstress Molly Shnick. Her [moniker] self-titled debut, a theraputic release following the breakup of Out Hud, will be released by Kanine Records next month. Her direction with this solo effort is different than some of her former bandmates who now operate as !!!. Shnick’s lush cello playing is still extremely prevalent and compliments well her sweet vocals and twinkly percussion.

“Tonight” (download)


Sun Airway

Sun Airway is an extension of The A-Sides, who put out an album with Vagrant Records last year but has already called it quits. Not even close to being finished with music, front man Jon Barthmus and drummer Patrick Marsceill decided to build their own studio and start fresh, working with different sounds and studio experimentation because guitar rock was becoming way boring. Before the pair’s full length album hits in 2009, preview their new sound.

“Waiting On You” (download)

website | myspace


Citay is a band that has dared to delve into this realm of a guilty pleasure with their 70s rock sound. They have resurrected the guitar army, bringing three guitars to the stage supported by bass, drums, and a multi-instrumentalist/ singer. The beauty of their music is in their vast levels of technique. There is a no wanking Phish-style guitar noodling, nor is there the excessive masturbatory ten minute guitar solo, instead you get all that is loved from 70s rock crafted into complex arrangements and truly amazing interplay between three guitarists whose fingers move like lightning.

Sometimes you’ve gotta switch it up. Today you can with Citay.

“First Fantasy” (download)

website | myspace



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