Whales and Cops – Great Bouncing Icebergs EP

Reigning from West Philadelphia’s late “Soft Batch” scene, Whales and Cops is comprised of ex-Man Man members and half-brothers Mr. Nathaniel Cops (keys, bees, bells, percussion) and Finger Julius Mountain (drums, marimba, keys, percussion) accompanied by the multi-talented instrumentalist Otzi Bogman (trumpet, bass, Flugelhorn, keys, percussion) . Shortly after the high velocity exit from Man Man, the Great Bouncing Icebergs EP was recorded due to an energetic schedule of immediate rehearsals.

A little over 21 minutes long, the EP includes five tracks, not including the untitled track number three, which consists of a sixteen second soundtrack to what seems like a carnival ride. The first track “Futuro Futuro” starts off with an in your face polyphonic texture and a mixture of instruments that I just can not put my finger on. It reminds me of a Man Man sound mixed with a less creepy electronic version of The Beatles “Revolution #9”, and if you think that’s weird, you should check out the music video.

After the first track, the EP rounds out with songs like “Bosuns o’ the Yard” and “Fifty Black Marines” that are slightly mellower. Whales and Cops definitely saved the best for last. Bringing up the rear, “Bent Cop,” ends the EP on a somber tone with tribal sounding percussion, chilling vocals and a slow tempo.

After listening to the EP, I’m not sure if I’ll be looking forward to a full length album in the future. This “Soft Batch” genre seems to be a little too much for my liking, but if you are into the genre, Whales and Cops is your man!…man?

01. Futuro Futuro
02. Bosuns o’ the Yard
03. (untitled)
04. Fifty Black Marines
05. Suave Homeless Asshole
06. Bent Cop

Whales and Cops: myspace

Written by: Joe Gotschall

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