Tegan and Sara @ Terminal 5, NYC

It’s been a Tegan and Sara-filled couple of weeks for me, let me tell you. First, there was the interview (stay tuned for part two–it’s coming, I swear!); then, there was Austin City Limits; most recently, though, I got to shoot their second of two shows at Terminal 5. I don’t know if it was the particularly funny stage banter or the amazing set list, but I’d probably put this show in my all-time top ten. I’m sure it also helps that I got to hang out with them backstage post-show after interviewing Dallas Green of City and Colour, one of their openers.

Tegan and Sara, Terminal 5, 10/6/08

Tegan and Sara, Terminal 5, 10/6/08

The ladies were on-point with their comedy and storytelling, and at one point told an anecdote about how their father used to wrap them in blankets, turn off the lights, and put on a record. The goal of the game was to see who could stay awake the longest–an ingenious way to get your kids to sleep! Sara, however, seemed a bit distressed after the fact, as if this was somehow negatively telling of their father’s parenting skills. I thought it was adorable, though, and plan to put this “game” to use someday.

The set spanned their entire discography, including the old school “Superstar,” which Tegan is known to hate playing, and rarer songs, “When I Get Up” and “Love Type Thing.” They even threw in their cover of Rihanna‘s “Umbrella,” which they’d stopped playing for a time. Check out the entire list below, with more photos to follow:

Set List:
Call It Off
Dark Come Soon
Like O Like H
Burn Your life Down
Walking With a Ghost
I Bet It Stung
Hop a Plane/Superstar
Give Chase
Relief Next To Me
Love Type Thing
When I Get Up/Umbrella
So Jealous
One Second
Not Tonight
Where Does The Good Go
Speak Slow
Living Room
The Con
The First
Fix You Up
Back In Your Head

Tegan Quin, Terminal 5, 10/6/08

Tegan Quin, Terminal 5, 10/6/08

Sara Quin, Terminal 5, 10/6/08

Sara Quin, Terminal 5, 10/6/08

Tegan and Sara: website | myspace | interview with: Tegan

Photos: Dese’Rae Stage

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2 Responses

  1. Great pics, Deserae! I heard this show was great… how come they didn’t play “Monday Monday Monday?” That’s one of my favorite ones. Or their cover of Prince’s “When You Were Mine?” That woulda been cool…

  2. Totally forgot to respond to this. They mentioned something at the beginning of the set about how they were gonna try and play different songs from the night before, so they may have thrown “Monday Monday Monday” in then.

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