Land of Talk – Some Are Lakes

Saddle Creek Records have always embraced the strong, empowered females singers (Orenda Fink, Jenny Lewis, Maria Taylor) and the tradition continues with Elizabeth Powell in the recent release of Land of Talk‘s Some Are Lakes.

Powell’s voice carries the power of Fiona Apple and when combined with the support of the band, many of the songs have the quality of Fleetwood Mac. Like many female singers, Powell sings of love, death and feminism. Although, some lyrics walk a fine line between brilliance and cheesiness like when she sings, “Maybe when I die, I’ll get to be a car” in “It’s Okay.”

Despite a few patchy lyrical spots, it is a solid debut from the young Canadian group with many tracks that demand listeners’ attention through the big cymbal crashes and drum rolls. Although many of the progressions are rather simple, the musical breakdowns are varied enough to keep listeners rapt with attention. However, Land of Talk does have several down times in the album when Powell’s voice sometimes develops an emotional flatness and the instrumentals get repetitive.

Title track “Some Are Lakes” is easily the strongest song on the album. The crunchy instrumentals are juxtaposed with a new found crispness in Powell’s voice, which she complements with a controlled vibrato. With lyrics like that of Rilo Kiley found on this song, this album is worth checking just to hear “Some Are Lakes.”

Land of Talk’s Some Are Lakes is available now on Saddle Creek Records.

01. Yuppie Talk
02. Death By Fire
03. The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle)
04. Some Are Lakes
05. Give Me Back My Heart Attack
06. It’s Okay
07. Young Bridge
08. Corner Phone
09. Got A Call
10. Troubled

Land of Talk: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany



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