Hot Lava – Lavalogy

Although Hot Lava‘s Lavalogy is an October release with song titles that include “Mummy Beach” and “Ghosties,” this is not a special Halloween collection. In fact, it is a summery, effervescent garage pop album filled with hot tracks. Seriously, you can actually hear a sizzle on album opener “Brainex.”

Allison Apperson often sings of weird subject matters like in “Blue Dragon” or “O Retorno Da Lovefoxxx,” the latter being a little tribute to buzz band CSS. But the odd topic choices make for a fun album. I enjoyed hearing her get fired up over technology in “Apple+Option+Fire.”

The album struggles between the norm and the abnormal, not just lyrically, but instrumentally as electronic effects are paired with catchy guitar hooks and bass lines.

Hot Lava’s Lavalogy is released by Bar/None Records October 7.

01. Brainex
02. Apple+Option+Fire
03. Blue Dragon
04. Over It
05. Mummy Beach
06. Iggy
07. O Retorno Da Lovefoxxx
08. Resolutions ’08
09. JPG In The Sun
10. Ghosties

Hot Lava: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany



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