Fucked Up – The Chemistry of Common Life

The metal band Fucked Up is indeed a band that is not like most metal bands. Keeping with the traditional grungy metal vocals, they incorporate many different aspects into their music that you normally would not hear in metal music. The first track on their new album The Chemistry of Common Life is quite deceiving to the listener, conceding the song opens with a soft flute that slowly bleeds into a powerful guitar riff.

On “Golden Sea,” it is quite clear that the song is strongly influenced by none other than Pink Floyd. The entire three minutes and thirty-five seconds of the song is an amazing instrumental piece, once again leading into the heavy-metal song “Days of Last.”

Fucked Up is a new age of metal that can be heard through out their whole album which is released on October 7. To commemorate this occasion, they will be playing a 12 hour long show at Rogan on the corner of Bowery and Bond in New York City with the help of some friends like the Vivian Girls, John Joseph, Matt Sweeney, Chain Gang, Mobb Deep, just to name a few. Fucked Up’s experiment in music on this album is quite the success.

Fucked Up: website

Written by: Kyle Thurin

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  1. That’s the coolest album cover I have seen in ages. Even better is that Mobb Deep is still alive, who’s idea was it to pair them up with a metal band?

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