Dead Confederate @ The Waiting Room, Omaha

There are times when I really wish that Omaha didn’t have a smoking ban let hazy lights and a deep, husky voice entrance me. The Dead Confederate show was one of those times.

The Waiting Room isn’t a particularly large venue, nuzzled between a row of bars in the Benson neighborhood of Omaha. However, the crowd on this particular Wednesday night was unusually sparse, a pity because these bands deserved a much a larger audience and perhaps the next time they cycle through town, the crowd size will increase considerably.

Awesome Color started things off with intensely fast drum beats juxtaposed with the singer’s slow growl. The voice effects made it difficult to understand the singer, but I was to engulfed in highly energetic drummer to even care. The drums teetered between a constant fast rhythm and accented bursts like on “Eyes of Light.”

Next up, was my favorite band of the night, Catfish Haven. “Are you ready?” they asked the crowd and thundered into the opening song off their latest album. The guys in this group were a blast to watch, but they were even more fun to watch in between songs, when they would say the most hilarious things. I loved lead singer George Hunter‘s deep, rich voice and the fact that the guy is a bit of a romantic. He dedicated several ballads to a couple in the front.

Headliners Dead Confederate sounded fantastic and I got some Nirvana vibes from their southern grunge, soul rock. The guys appeared in shadow as they were back lit by white lights, which perfectly added to their moody tunes like single “The Rat.” However, after the carefree set of Catfish Haven, it was a little hard to transition into music this dark and moody. A broken string gave me my favorite song of their as lead singer Hardy was forced into playing a solo piece, while the other guys dealt with the issue of the string. The more open exposure of a solo piece brought out some of Hardy’s most powerful vocals. The broken string also helped break some of the tension and the rest of the guys joined back with a more relaxed feeling.

Dead Confederate: website | myspace
Catfish Haven: website | myspace
Awesome Color: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany


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