Under Cover: Modest Mouse “Float On”

Welcome to a new Popwreckoning feature called “Under Cover” because we know that everybody loves to hear a good cover of their favorite songs and artists.There’s no better way to kick off our cover songs feature than with Modest Mouse‘s “Float On.” While plenty of bands have covered this, we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite three covers:

First up we have the “American Idol” Contestants’ cover. Just kidding, we wouldn’t put you through that, but we are going to feature another version that was used on the same network.

Indie rockers Goldspot covered the song for the popular television show The OC. This effervescent group perfectly captures all that makes Modest Mouse great, but still puts their own twist on it.

website | myspace

Australian Ben Lee decided to test out piano in place of the guitar, which I think takes away from some of the drive of the song. It is interesting, nonetheless, and he definitely makes it his own.


The third cover is done by bluegrass group Iron Horse. Blue grass is not usually my cup of tee, but this cover is just ridiculously fun and hard not to love. If you like this, you should check out their whole album of Modest Mouse covers.

website | myspace

Finally, for your listening pleasure, here is the Modest Mouse version. Decide for yourself if the covers lived up to its glory.

website | myspace

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