The Yelling – The Yelling EP

The Yelling want your attention, so they’ll do it any way they know, be it through actual yelling or fiery beats. For now, the boys in The Yelling are just putting out an EP to let you know that when they do release their full-length debut, they want it to take 2009 by storm.

Whether they’ll accomplish their goal remains to be seen as their EP has its ups and downs. “Fire and Microphone” rushes into synthesized effects and Nathaniel Cox‘s nasally vocals through a distorted microphone. The repetitious lyrics make this a hard way to introduce oneself to the band. They slow it down for “Long Time My Love” and “Burning For What,” which gives the listener time to adjust. Granted, these guys are not ones to shy away for long, so they are back to the crunchier on the sexually tense “Honey” and the angry “Blood on the Steps.”

Listening to this band, I can’t help, but to picture tight leather suits with big collars. This EP was too over the top for me, but those wanting a second coming of Led Zeppelin may find this EP more to their liking.

01. Fire and Microphone
02. Long Time My Love
03. Burning For What
04. Honey
05. Blood on the Steps

The Yelling: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany



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