Talking Mountain @ Urban Outfitters, Omaha

Omaha’s Urban Outfitters is officially a year old: commence the singing. Don’t worry if you aren’t feeling up to singing the tune yourself, Urban brought in their own bands for the occasion. To celebrate they had a sidewalk sale, cake and free performances by Tim Perkins, Honeybee and Talking Mountain. Urban knows how to celebrate in style.

Tim Perkins kicked off the music festivities, unfortunately, I arrived as he was wrapping up his set. So I instead I browsed the shelves while the adorable ladies (and the two gents) in Honeybee set up. With the lovely harmonies and fun instrumentation (ukulele! accordion!), this is one of my favorite Omaha acts, but alas, they are hidden away in the Midwest when they should be touring the world. As their set at Urban proved, they just get sweeter with time.

The three guys in Talking Mountain are quite interesting indeed. The are well known for always wearing masks. The stage set-up they had was intense and colorful with big bones in the back and store mannequins dressed in their merchandise. Since the event was about Urban, they featured a different Urban shirt for each song that they felt captured the mood of the song. Not always an easy task as the sing about such an odd variety of things like wrists and wizards. During their set they sang happy birthday to Urban while a cake was brought out. I love Talking Mountain and think they are a blast, but I should warn that they are an acquired taste because they do border a bit on the bizarre.

Tim Perkins: myspace
Honeybee: myspace
Talking Mountain: myspace

Written by: Bethany



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