The Action Design @ Millcreek Tavern, Philadelphia

Recently touring with fellow Californians Killola, The Action Design stopped in Philadelphia not long ago. Killola kicked off the show with a high energy set led by hyper energetic and dynamic front woman Lisa Rieffel. The crowd, gathered in front of the stage thrashing about, loved them. Killola reminded me of a “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Cyndi Lauper on speed. They killed at Millcreek, but totally need a TLA sized venue to properly rock the fuck out. You can download their album for free at their MySpace page.

More than sufficiently pumped for The Action Design thanks to Killola’s fantastic energy, the crowd roared when the four piece took stage. In contrast to the more punk rock attitude of Rieffel, The Action Design front woman Emily Whitehurst was absolutely charming and sweet as pie. This rocker chick cannot be defined by her exterior though, as a wild intensity swelled within her as she rocked out playing keys and belting lyrics. Bassist Matt Mckenzie played catchy lines, driving songs and getting the crowd moving along with the help of drummer Jake Krohn‘s dance beats and guitar Jaecyn McKissick‘s wild riffs.

Emily Whitehurst

The Action Design: Emily Whitehurst

Jaecyn McKissick

Jaecyn McKissick

Matt Mckenzie

Matt Mckenzie

Jake Krohn

Jake Krohn

The band’s tour ends tonight in Sacramento, but you can catch them in San Francisco on October 23rd at Bottom of the Hill and then again in Riverside, California on October 29th at the UCR Bell Tower.

Set List:
Ten Feet Of Snow
The Scissor Game
Pale Horizon
Empty Face
Lounge In Formation
The Question is How
City Committee
Tokyo Train
Connect Disconnect

The Action Design: website | myspace



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