Ben Folds to Release Live Performances

What isn’t Ben Folds doing these days? From dueting with the lovely Regina Spektor on his new record Way To Normal and reuniting Ben Folds Five for the inaugural “Front To Back” MySpace endeavor, Ben isn’t getting must rest these days. Most recently he’s joined up with iTunes to make available recordings from his current tour.

Check out Ben/Regina on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” Thursday night:

(totally worth it just to see Conan tower over Regina)

The project, titled “The Sounds of Last Night…This Morning” will see Ben record live songs which will be available the very next morning on iTunes. Folds and iTunes have already partnered up to offer choice seats and two advance tracks from Way To Normal to fans who preordered on iTunes. Each night, one live track will be recorded on a Mac and be made available exclusively through iTunes the very next day, spanning 10 cities. The conclusion of the tour will see the tracks compiled for an exclusive live album. Folds will also provide exclusive artwork for each track with the use of Apple’s Photo Booth.

Ben Folds: website | myspace | BFF reunion



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  1. Sorry, NBC sucks and doesn’t let *any*thing stream on YouTube. And I can’t find it on NBC’s site. Bah

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