Catfish Haven – Devastator

Chicago based group Catfish Haven is a soulful rock band named after lead singer George Hunter‘s childhood trailer park in Missouri. As odd as that inspiration is, after listening to their third full-length album Devastator, I think it was a good choice.

I say this because in Missouri, and I imagine in a place like Catfish Haven, it is pretty typical to grill outside with the neighbors under a starry sky. After all the burgers and brats are gone, somebody who inevitably pull out a guitar and soon several other instruments are produced. The musicians then play late into the night until the first signs of dawn start to appear. This is the type of image I get when listening to Devastator.

As Hunter howls over the trippy bass lines of Miguel Castillo and drummer Ryan Farnham‘s laid back beats, it is hard not to break open some beers and join in the jams yourself. The group shines on the faster, up tempo songs like “Play the Fool,” which highlights Castillo’s skills on the bass at the end. Although, as skilled as the boys are on their respective instruments, the songs that stand out are the ones that break out of the trios set instrumentation and add brass or even piano like on “Buying My Time.”

Devastator is a wholesome funk album that perfectly captures the feeling that it is a live album. This feeling is abetted by opener “Are You Ready,” which asks listeners just that. And if you are ready for fun jams then you are ready to rock with the boys in Catfish Haven.

Catfish Haven’s Devastator will be released by Secretly Canadian on October 7, 2008.

01. Are You Ready
02. Devastator
03. Set In Stone (download)
04. Invitation To Love
05. Tripping In Memphis
06. Play The Fool
07. Halftime Show
08. Full Speed
09. No Escape
10. Blue Sun
11. Valerie
12. Buying My Time
13. Every Day

Catfish Haven: website | myspace | download “Set in Stone”

written by: Bethany



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