State and Madison – Become the Not Found

State and Madison is a historic intersection in the heart of Chicago and now a rock group by the same name is looking to make some history of their own. Now, while State and Madison aren’t quite to that level yet, the songs found on their recent release Become the Not Found indicate the potential is there, if they can just focus their style and refine their skills.

Nikolas Blazina has a lovely falsetto much like that of Muse‘s of Matt Bellamy. However, where Bellamy has the vocal control to pace his tempo and add urgency when needed, Blazina gets ahead of himself at times and he loses control. He does shine on the open, blues songs that give him rhythmic freedom like “She Ain’t Alone” and “If This Was the Moon.”

Bassist Tony Martino gives the consistency that is lacking on the overall album. “Baby Baby” and the especially bass heavy opening track “Easy Was Back Then” highlight this often overlooked instrument.

Become the Not Found is like a rollercoaster. Styles go from ballad to rock to blues. Lyrics range from cliche to repetitive to romantic. Don’t brush the boys in State and Madison off just yet because this is just the beginning and a refined full-length album from them could blow away fans of The Spill Canvas and The Audition.

01. Easy Was Back Then
02. Baby Baby
03. If This Was The Moon
04. Everybody Wants Love
05. London Bridges Burning Down
06. She Ain’t Alone (vinyl only)
07. 2nd Best (vinyl only)

State and Madison: website | myspace

written by: Bethany



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