Win VIP Tickets to Exclusive Jonas Brothers Concert

American Eagle Outfitters is hosting a new sweepstakes where a lucky boy or girl and a parent (you can only enter if you’re between 2 and 14 years old, sorry 20something fangirls) can win tickets, airfare and hotel to a VERY exclusive VIP Jonas Brothers concert to promote their new kids clothing line, 77 Kids.

The concert will take place on November 14th in Los Angeles for a very small audience. The sweepstakes winners will get to walk the “red carpet” with other invited celebrities (Miley Cyrus/Hanna Montana?!), AND be able to hang backstage with the Jonas Brothers after the show. Tickets are NOT on sale for this event – the ONLY way to get a chance at a ticket is to enter the free online sweepstakes at

For those who don’t win the sweepstakes, the concert itself will be streamed online for one day only – Sunday November 16th, exclusively at

Please note that PopWreckoning is not giving away tickets, you have to enter here. Them’s the rules.

The Jonas Brothers: website | myspace
American Eagle: website | 77kids Jonas Brothers contest



12 Responses

  1. so do u guys call us if i win

  2. i already talked to u about this, computer now how doo i enter the sweepstakes. i luv jonas brother. i know they take cornbreads, craps or pinch a loaf or whatev u want to call it in the toilet, they r the embers of my freakin smokin hot fIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. luuu!!! plz si tu vx passe moi ton email

  4. pllleeeeeeaaaazze tell me how i can enter
    i live next door to them and they dont even know how and now they are mad………………..

  5. Y’all have to enter at the site. We do NOT determine a winner.

  6. hey briana do you know how to enter???

  7. los re amo jonas brothers

  8. okay i think you just have to sign up (create a login type thing) and it enters you thats what i did but i dont know if im entered

  9. i love beautiful i love them they are the maximun thing come to venezuela (maracaibo) they are the maximun thing do not change beautiful i love do you never change and nick i love you equally but i love you mas
    joe diet to know you

    i love jonas brothers

  10. why is is only up to 14…im sixteen and i dont find that very fair because there are girls older than 14 that like the jonas brothers also….a lot of them also shop at american eagle and i know most definately almost all of them are going to be very dissappointed because of this.. =[

  11. lol, Miley is so funny! I love her.

  12. i want to win this for michele heid i like nick jons vary much i i love you are always in my heart

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