The Hives @ Stubb’s BBQ, Austin

On September 16th, The Hives headlined the night at Stubb’s BBQ. The two opening bands were The Willowz and Eagles Of Death Metal, who set the stage perfectly. Once the crowd strolled in, these bands provided the audience with a LARGE dose of rock n’ roll. It was just what the doctor prescribed. Even some of the photographers got a feel from the audience of how rock n’ roll things where getting: one of them (me) was hit in the back with some random woman’s underwear. Jessy Hughes, lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal, was then handed the undergarments and said, “That’s pretty fucking rock n’ roll!”

Pelle Almqvist

Once the Hives finally took the stage, they were dressed in black and white school uniforms and had the energy of spasmodic five-year olds. They riled up the audience before they even started playing their instruments. Immediately after they began, everybody within a three block radius of the venue could hear the audience competing against the club PA system.

It was only within a moment of The Hives playing their first song of the night, that total anarchy let loose in the audience as soon as they started playing “He Little World”. After that, the crowd only got even wilder. This punk band from Sweden did nearly everything but burn the place down and I am convinced that if given the chance, they would have. At several points during the show, the lead singer Pelle Almqvist climbed the speakers to look down on the audience in hopes of lifting the spirit of the crowd to where he was perched. The connection between the people and the band was so strong, that Nicholaus Arson (lead guitar) jumped to the barricade and reached out into the crowd.

Even though the Hives lost their equipment to airport customs after flying in from their show in Rio (due to the fact that they could be used as weapons), they quickly “rearmed” themselves for the show in Austin at Stubbs to slay the audience. This band has been by far the band with the most stage presence that I have seen in a long time.

Tour Dates:
Sep 23 – The Warfield / San Francisco
Sep 25 – The Mayan / Los Angeles
Dec 30 – The Falls Festival / Lorne, Victoria
Dec 31 – The Falls Festival / Marion Bay, Tasmania
Jan 02 – Southbound Festival / Busselton, Western Australia
Jan 07 – Byron Bay Arts and Music Festival / Byron Bay, New South Wales

The Hives: website | myspace | nike remix

Written by: Kyle Thurin


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