Starfucker self-titled album

Starfucker, having such an interesting name, also has quite an interesting sound. This band is a pop-indie outfit that hails from Portland, Oregon, and will be releasing their self titled album September 23rd. The band is composed of Bergore Renaldski, Handfeld Reglstein, Yelsti Klempstorkov, Josh Hodges, Ryan Biornstad, and Shawn Glassford, all of whom contribute to the piecing of an intricate collage of their musical influences throughout the sound that they produce.

In addition to their individual contributions, you can hear bands that have influenced them in the making of this album. The most prevalent bands that seem to jump out at the listener are that of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ratatat, and ELO. Jimi Hendrix can easily be heard within the first two tracks “Florida” and “German Love” (download), with a distorted man speaking about wiggles that bears resemblance to Jimi’s EXP, and the use of such techniques as backwards solos.

Starfucker and Ratatat appear to have very similar styles in the way that they create their drum beats in all of their songs. On “Pop Song,” the vocals resemble a deeper version of ELO, while the song “Hard Smart Beta” appears to have a sound that could easily be attributed to ELO. Although the listener can hear such influences in Starfucker, the band takes these influences and turns them upside-down with the electronic sound that they have mastered.

Their soft melodic vocals carry eerily throughout each and every song, seaming to float from one song to the next. Unfortunately, it only lasts for a little while due to the short length of the album. The album’s total running length is about 36 minutes long. However, they make every single second of this self titled album count. For college students, this record is perfect for those times when you are walking down the halls feeling like you’re floating and stepping to the beat of the song.

Look for Starfucker out September 23rd and don’t miss the guys as they tour the album next month through November.

German Love (download)
Myke Ptyson
Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
U Ba Khin
Hard Smart Beta
Pop Song (download)
Miss You
Isabella of Castile

Starfucker: myspace

Written by: Kyle Thurin



2 Responses

  1. interesting take, Jimi Hendrix and ELO are two influences I would never have connected with this one at all. A great record, though I thought it could have used a bit more in the way of vocals overall, its starts sounding a little too much the same by the end.

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