George Michael Arrested for Drug Possession

Mere weeks after completing his first world tour in fifteen years, singer George Michael was busted in a London public bathroom for drug possession. The police report doesn’t name Michael, but sources confirmed to the British press that he was busted Friday for crack possession after a suspicious bathroom attendant tipped off the cops.

Michael was famously arrested in 1998 by an undercover officer for lewd conduct in a Beverly Hills bathroom, and then in 2006 he plead guilty to driving under the influence of drugs after being found slumped over the wheel of his car and was forbidden to drive for two years. This time, the law is taking it easy on the former Wham front man: Michael was taken to a police station and given the caution for possessing class A and class C drugs.

Home Office Minister Tony McNulty said drug laws needed to be “flexible” as “circumstances and context” have to be applied to each case. The Home Office website says possession of class A drugs can result in up to seven years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

Why is it that pop stars always get special treatment when they should be facing the harshest penalties? They’re public figures who often times have young children looking up to them.



2 Responses

  1. Well if young children are looking up to George Michael we have much bigger problems on our hands.

  2. Damn George, get it together…

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