Rock The Vote Hits The Road

Rock the Vote, already successful in registering 1.5 million people this year alone through the organization’s website, hope to build on this number as they put on some concerts with the likes of Talib Kweli, Santogold, Hawthorne Heights and more.

Having achieved strong registration results through visits across Tennessee and Virginia, the stage has been set for the upcoming stops:

Sep 19 – Philadelphia, PA
Sep 20 – State College, PA
Sep 21 – Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 23 – Youngstown, OH
Sep 24 – Akron, OH
Sep 25 – Cleveland, OH
Sep 26 – Kent, OH
Sep 27 – Columbus, OH
Sep 28 – Cincinnati, OH
Sep 29 – Bloomington, IN
Oct 02 – St. Louis, MO
Oct 04 – Iowa City, IA
Oct 06 – Minneapolis, MN

Details of specific artist performances, registration details and running updates from the tour can be found at:

As always, PopWreckoning encourages you to exercise your right vote. If you’re not already, register to vote today!



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