Hopeless Records Louis Posen to Receive Vision Award

Louis Posen, President and founder of Hopeless Records, will be honored this year with a Vision Award by the Center For Partially Sighted at their annual Hope In Sight Gala which will take place September 21 at Casa Del Mar Hotel In Santa Monica, CA. The Center will also celebrate 30 years of providing comprehensive care to nearly 2,500 children and adults with impaired sight each year.

Vision award honorees are selected for their outstanding creativity and lifetime contributions to the community and to the Center. Despite profound vision loss from Retinitis Pigmentosa, Posen founded both Hopeless and Sub City Records, and through his businesses, he has donated more than $1.5 million dollars to charities.

“In connection with the mission of Sub City to raise awareness and funds for non-profit organizations through our operations as a record label, we are delighted to support The Center for the Partially Sighted’s 2008 Hope In Sight Gala. As an organization for which our founder and President, Louis Posen, has volunteered and worked with by mentoring others with visual impairments, we are delighted the Center has chosen to honor him and his wife Michelle at this year’s Gala.

As we grow our record business, we hope to continue to work with other non-profit organizations and help them grow along with us. Our work with the Center on this event is our way to do our part in supporting the organization’s growth and reaching its goals”

-Alan G Person, General Manager

Founder of Hopeless Records, Sub City, and Download Music and More, Los Angeles native Louis Posen has made a name for himself by combining the divergent worlds of music and charity and creating a business model where a company’s strengths, resources, and efforts are combined with its conscience.

At the age of 19, Louis was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a slow degenerative eye condition with no current treatment or cure. Not letting anything get in his way of his passion, Louis started in the entertainment industry in 1992 as a director & producer of music videos while attending California State University at Northridge, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Louis produced and directed numerous punk rock videos and in 1993, founded his first record company, Hopeless Records. Hopeless has gone on to help to develop such bands as Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice, Amber Pacific, and All Time Low, just to name a few, has released over 130 albums, and has sold over 3 million records, many of which have charted in the Billboard Top 200.

In 1999, the drive to combine the company’s business successes with philanthropy lead to the launch of the Sub City imprint label, which donates funds and raises awareness for various non-profit organizations. Under that wing of the business, Hopeless/Sub City has released over 30 albums, created and operated the annual Take Action Tour (celebrating its 7th year running) and now has broken one million dollars in contributions donated to various non-profit organizations.

Starting with its first charitable recipient the Foundation Fighting Blindness, chosen due to Posen’s retinal disease, Hopeless/Sub City has gone on to raise funds and awareness for more than 50 non-profit organizations including over $100,000 donated to south central Los Angeles drop-in center A Place Called Home, from the sales of the 2002 album “The Illusion of Safety.”

Louis’ most recent project has been the 2004 launch of Download Music and More, which created the first niche-specific download store, downloadpunk.com, a site offering downloadable content from unsigned artists to the latest hits. Expanding on the operation of the digital music store, the patented software is now being licensed to other partner companies looking to enter the business of selling digital products.

On a more personal note, I greatly admire Louis Posen for his friendliness and helpfulness when I was in high school. My senior project (required for graduating at my high school) was about starting a record label and despite his undoubtedly busy schedule running his labels and projects, Louis answered my questions and was fabulous for the months I was in touch with him working on my assignment. I got an A, Louis. Thank you and congratulations!

Louis Posen: Hopeless Records | Sub City | Download Punk

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