The Bellfuries – Palmyra

The Bellfuries can only be described as modern day 50’s Rock n’ Roll. The pop power blend that is the Bellfuries along with descriptive lyrics fused together with soft, easygoing music creates this blast from the past style of music that takes you to another time. The rhythm of this band is similar to what one would find all the “cool kids” jamming out to back in 50’s mainstream music. The Bellfuries are releasing their new album Palmyra this November.

Although there are some songs on this album whose sound seems to be redundant, there are a few  that do stand out. Track 3 off Palmyra, “The Only Ghost There Is Me,” has a much softer impression that is conveyed to the listener. The song is about two lovers living together, but then there was an accident in which the female lovers is killed. It is sung from the man’s point of view and is beautifully accented with a soft drum beat and a sweet violin.

“Sung By Someone Lonely” is another song about someone affected by heartbreak, however, this time he is out for revenge. It could almost be considered ironic in the sense that the song has a rhythm that makes the listener keep the beat with his feet all the while the lyric is talking about killing someone, execution style. There is no doubt in my mind that if there were to be a movie on teens in the 50’s, that this band would have at least one track from this album on the movie’s soundtrack.

Even though some of the songs on Palmyra are difficult to distinguish from one another, I recommend that you give this record a once over, at the very least. Look for it to hit stores November 4th.

01. Welcome To The Club
02. Sung By Someone Lonely
03. The Only Ghost There Is Me
04. Give It, Get It (download)
05. Death of an Idol
06. Cheerleader
07. There Could Only Be One Me For You
08. All My New Friends
09. Heaven Isn’t Mine Anymore
10. This Love Ain’t So Bad
11. Big Surprise
12. Into the Arms of My Baby

The Bellfuries: myspace

Written by: Kyle Thurin



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  1. do u think this stuff’s brilliant or what

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