The Silents – Sleepwalker

Chicago group The Silents were inspired by silent movies for their band name. Listening to their debut release Sleepwalker, listeners will be pleased to hear that the band didn’t take that inspiration a step further, rather allowing singer Paul Velten‘s sultry voice to be heard solidly throughout the album.

Dark themes about self-doubt and fears of dying young are prevalent like on “Holes in Space” or “Down in the Desert.” Even the more upbeat “Saturday Nite Live” with its fun synth has dark undertones. The imagery in “Down in the Desert” is really interesting as Velten describes almost in a whisper, “No one can see you from the bottom of a rabbit hole,” which keeps in the theme of dreams with an Alice in Wonderland reference.

The guys do a great job of creating tension on this album like on “Pistol Shock USA,” which starts off slow with piano and sets up an image that’s a polar opposite to the America described in “America the Beautiful.” I could make some cheesy pun about how this song closes the album with a bang, but I’ll refrain. There is a really big instrumental solo at the end of this song that has the instruments finishing up with a discordant ascending scale that captures the tension perfectly.

Once it is over, the album leaves you with a nice cathartic effect. For the 50 minutes that the album runs, you are completely entranced, but then you wake up from the roller coaster of emotions the band took you on.

Sleepwalker is available now.

01. Eat Your Face
02. Saturday Nite Live
03. Easy Killer
04. Dream On Empty
05. Animals
06. Down in the Desert
07. Mexican Standoff
08. D.U.F.M.
09. Holes in Space
10. Thrill Ride
11. Pistol Shock USA

The Silents: website | myspace | interview with

Written by: Bethany



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