Dirty Heads – Any Port In A Storm

The reggae/hip-hop sensation known as Dirty Heads will be releasing the album Any Port In A Storm on September 23.The band is made up of Dustin Bushnell (vocals/guitar), Jared Watson (vocals), Jon Olazaba (percussion), and Matt Ochoa (drums), all of whom fit together perfectly in creating this “Chill” puzzle that completes the music circle. Having toured with 311 and having accomplished other great feats such as contributing a song to Tony Hawk’s Downhill video game, Dirty Heads are rising (and rising fast) onto the music seen.

Any Port in a Storm is a relaxing soundtrack with songs that constantly keep you near contentment. This album is perfect for those days that you wish would never end. Songs like “Neighborhood” get you rockin’ to the beat when you’re cruising down the street of your …neighborhood. Any Port in a Storm’s music spans as far as giving the listener “Chelsea,” a love song that inspires the soul, to those drugged out nights in the song “Insomnia.” “Believe” is another inspirational tune that commemorates the bands that have inspired them to make the music that they do.

Any Port in a Storm is a must own if you are a Sublime or 311 fan, and you dig those easy going beats. Dirty Heads have also done a killer cover of Coldplay‘s “Viva La Vida” that can be found on youtube.com or on the band’s website.

I recommend that you save up that little bit of money to buy a CD and buy Any Port In A Storm, released September 23rd on Executive Music Group. You will not regret it.

01. Neighborhood
02. Stand Tall
03. Shine
04. Driftin’
05. Taint
06. Morning Light
07. Insomnia
08. Easy
09. Knows That I
10. Chelsea
11. Check The Level
12. Believe
13. Hip Hop Misfits
14. Everything I’m Looking For

The Dirty Heads: website | myspace | watch “Stand Tall” on iTunes | download “Sails To The Wind”

Written by: Kyle Thurin

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