Rahim – Laughter

This experimental-indie band known as Rahim is made up of four talented musicians Philip Sutton (drums, percussion), Michael Friedrich (guitar, keyboard, percussion, vocals), Chris Brodeaux (bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion, vocals), and Christian Little (keyboard, guitar, bass). After switching from Frenchkiss Records to Dimension Arts and now Pretty Activity, Rahim will be putting out their second record titled Laughter on September 9th.

This group of artists all brings several different musical attributes to create this poetic experiment that tickles your ears, and every single track on this new record is like a different feather tickling the listener’s ears, in the sense that each track is completely different from the last track. From the slow beat of “Tired Man,” which makes the listener feel as though they are slogging through a jungle, to the soothing sound of “The Same.” Their song “Of Course” creates a soothing peace with cynical lyrics telling a story of a helpless creature.

However, in critiquing this album, my only criticism is that they have not quite found that sound that will put them on the charts, but they are very close! Once you have listened to Laughter, you get the sense that there is something small that is missing, something not quite complete. It’s as if they don’t have the full amount of “sprinkles” on the cupcake. While we all want a ton of sprinkles, but don’t necessarily need them, this band will still satisfy your hunger.

I have not had the pleasure of seeing this eclectic band in concert, but plan on seeing Rahim soon on their new tour (dates below). Be sure to have an ear open for this band, because Rahim has that potential to awe.

01. Death
02. The Same
03. Through a Window (download)
04. Vision
05. Endless Caverns
06. Tired Man
07. Cities Change
08. Of Course
09. Every Passing Night
10. Dark Harbors
11. Laughter

Tour Dates:
Sep 09 – Urban Outfitters [526 6th Ave. @ 14th St.] / New York City
Sep 11 – Pianos / New York City
Sep 14 – Black Cat Backstage / Washington, DC
Sep 15 – Tea Bazaar / Charlottesville, Va.
Sep 17 – Go Bar / Athens
Sep 18 – New World Brewery / Ybor City, Fl.
Sep 19 – 1982 Bar / Gainesville, Fl.
Sep 20 – Tin Roof / Charleston, SC
Sep 21 – Soapbox Laundro Lounge / Wilmington, NC
Sep 22 – Drunken Unicorn / Atlanta
Sep 23 – Reservoir / Carborro, NC
Sep 24 – Milestone / Charlotte, NC
Sep 25 – Talking Head / Baltimore
Oct 07 – Hailey’s / Denton, TX
Oct 08 – Emo’s / Austin
Oct 12 – Brillobox / Pittsburgh, PA

Rahim: website | myspace | download “Through A Window”
Pretty Activity: website

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