Ratatat – LP3

I doubt that even if Johann Sebastian Bach were alive today that he could have done as good a job adapting classical harpsichord pieces for dance clubs as rock electronica group Ratatat does on LP3.

The mostly instrumental LP3 is an album where classical meets modern day electronica as is demonstrated in the opening song “Shiller” where synthesizer and harpsichord play against each other.

Mike Stroud sticks to a more classical guitar style, fittingly giving songs like “Mi Viejo” and “Mirando” a a flamenco twist. Stroud’s cohort Evan Mast jumps around from grand piano to synthesizer to harpsichord. Despite the nods to the early 18th century, there is no question that this music is a welcome pleasure for the 21st century.

The first half of the album seems to have more of a Spanish guitar focus, but the video game sounding beeps on “Mirando” serve to remind listeners that this is an electronica album. The latter half of the album does get a little more experimental with its sound effects. Sizzles and snaps on “Brulee” and bongos on “Mumtaz Khan” give the second half of the album a more tropical vibe.

The more classical sounding pieces were my favorites. “Dura” reminded me of that ubiquitous Zales’ commerical that played “Palladio.” Much like that song, it is just as easy to get “Dura” stuck in your head.

There is very little about this album that I didn’t like. “Flynn” seems a little out of place after the Spanish guitar riffs in the songs that precede it, making it one of the few tracks I could skip. Another out of place song is “Mumtaz Khan,” which has a grittiness to it that seems inappropriate when surrounded by so many other cleaner sounding songs. However, neither of these tracks are bad, they are just out of place.

Ratatat is a band you’ll most likely be seeing more of in the future, so I strongly suggest jumping on the band wagon now and checking out LP3.

01. Shiller
02. Falcon Jab
03. Mi Viejo
04. Mirando
05. Flynn
06. Bird Priest
07. Shempi
08. Imperials
09. Dura
10. Brulee
11. Mumtaz Khan
12. Gipsy Threat
13. Black Heroes

Ratatat: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany

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