Jars of Clay – Closer

Fans are getting spoiled by all these artists thinking that people can’t wait for a new album and thus must be appeased by the release of an EP. So it is no surprise that as Christian rock group Jars of Clay works on their next full-length, they decided to slip in a little EP for the fans. The Closer EP offers fans two new songs, two reworked songs and a song the band recorded for the documentary Sons of Lwala.

The new songs, “Closer” and “Safe to Land,” may surprise some fans as they use preprogrammed beats, synthesizer and lots of vocal effects. While “Safe to Land” borders on too slow, “Closer” keeps the listener’s attention with the build-up of piano, guitar, xylophone and then even the addition of trumpet. I did have a hard time deciding if I found lyrics like “You’re the l and the v, I’m the o and the e” super cute or super cheesy.

“Flood (New Rain)” is a fresh, darker take on the song “Flood,” which received some mainstream success. Filled with dissident harmonies and lots of guitar slides, this song is an eerie contrast to the original. Similarly, “Love Song for a Savior” is a re-make of an older song by the band. With the boy band introduction and a beat track that does get a little overbearing on the chorus, I don’t really feel this was an improvement to the original.

This EP, out now, has some rough patches, but it does have some fun build-ups to keep listeners intrigued. So, while it isn’t the best release by the band, it does its job of whetting one’s appetite until the band can release its next full-length.

Judge Closer for yourself. Popwreckoning has 5 Jars of Clay Closer EPs to giveaway. Just email Joshua to win a copy.

01. Closer
02. Safe to Land
03. Love Song for a Savior
04. Flood (New Rain)
05. Prisoner of Hope

Jars of Clay: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany

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