The Subways CD Giveaway!

Next week The Subways will release their sophomore full-length All Or Nothing stateside via Sire Records and PopWreckoning is giving you a chance to win the album!**

The 12-song strong album was recorded in Los Angeles last fall by venerable producer Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth) and marks a dynamic sonic progression from their critically-embraced 2006 album debut, Young For Eternity.

The new record reveals the work of a confident, revitalised band with a singular focus and a new mission statement. “We’re coming out, we’re coming over, you’re standing on the platform and we’re bringing you with us!” This time around the riffs are heavier; the drums more manic than before but the melodic sensibilities remain intact and even more infectious this time around.

The lyrical perspectives and vocal performances are also a cut above to reflect their personal and professional growth and the experience of a life less ordinary touring the Globe non-stop as they have for the past few years.

**Vocalist Billy Lunn has recently had some beef with another British musician. Who is it that Lunn is has a problem with and what exactly is that problem? Email your answer to Jessica <strike>by Monday, September 8th.</strike> A winner with the correct answer will be drawn <strike>Tuesday, September 9th.</strike>**
<strike>Due to popularity, the contest will be extended until Friday, September 12th at 2PM EST</strike> The contest has ended and a winner has been chosen. Thanks for your interest!

Good luck!

The Subways: website | myspace | Reading Festival performance | Lunn acoustic set



4 Responses


  2. Just like everything else they do, magnificent.

  3. Man this album is great . . .

    The removal of Billy’s nodes and the break-up between him and Charlotte really changes the tone of the vocals compared to the first album.

    once again, great album.

  4. It’s pretty great, I hope the album will be as good as ‘Young For Eternity ‘

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