Obi Best – Capades

Alex Lilly, previously best known for her work as a backup singer for retro-pop group The Bird and the Bee recently released her debut album Capades under the moniker Obi Best on Social Science Recordings.

Lilly handles much of the vocals, guitar and keys and is rounded out by band mates Bram Inscore and John Wood on synth and drummer Barbara Gruska. Guest back-up vocalists include Lisa Tremain of Readers and Kim Talon of Eagle and Talon. The album is beautifully melodic with sweet but strong vocals and lovely harmonies.

Preview “Nothing Can Come Between Us”

First track and current single “Nothing Can Come Between Us” hosts a little bit of funk over a pretty piano melody that keeps it interesting rather than driving it over the top. Happy and airy piano melodies are complimented by a warped synth on tunes like “It’s Because of People Like You” and “Bloom Like Flowers.” Oriental effects take over on both “Origami” and “Swedish Boy” while a saw played by Irina Bjorkland steals the spotlight on “Within These Forest Walls.”

The disc ends strong with my favorite song “Days of Decadence,” a lush song that lives up to its title. “Days of Decadence” has a 50s doo wop feel and beat with strong instrumentals and a saturated melody that matches Lilly’s longing for the old days [of decadence] as she sings, “Days don’t need to mind me, / I’ll just linger back instead. / This is not my time… / I wish I could rewind and find those dusty days waiting there for me.”

Capades, available now digitally, conjures up days of old with a beautiful vintage girl pop wondefully modernized by Obi Best. Pick up a copy today.

01. Nothing Can Come Between Us (download)
02. Who Loves You Know
03. What It’s Not
04. Green and White Stripes
05. It’s Because Of People Like You
06. Origami
07. Bloom Like Flowers
08. Swedish Boy
09. Within These Forest Walls
10. Days of Decadence

Obi Best: website | myspace | download “Nothing Can Come Between Us” |
Social Science Recordings: website | myspace


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