Amie Miriello – I Came Around

There’s no shortage of female singers looking to one up the others through the shock value of their songs’ content (cough, cough, Katy Perry) or through their behavior (cough, cough, Amy Winehouse). Amie Miriello takes a different approach and instead relies on the quality of her songs and the power of her voice to take her to the top.

On her refreshing debut album I Came Around, Miriello showcases an impressive vocal range, which is also surprising considering the huskiness of her voice. Her songs have content that show she would be a good role model for young girls. If you don’t care about positive content and big vocals, then allow the sweet instrumentals of acoustic guitar and piano to please you.

MIriello’s voice has a country flair mixed with some soul and it keeps you on your toes as she switches between the folky “I Came Around” into the poppy “Pictures” and then right on into the more soulful “Coldfront.” Whatever your personal style, Amie has it covered.

Her voice cracks when she sings, “I’m a little border lonely, but that’s life” in the lovely song “Snow.” This track keeps the instrumentals down to a minimum–piano and cello–so the rawness of her voice stands out, epitomizing the lonely sentiment expressed in the song.

This album alternates between the slower and more somber numbers with more bubbly and upbeat songs like “Brand New,” which is downright flirty fun. This balance makes sure you never get bored. She closes out strong with “Hey.” With a breathy start that misleads you into thinking it will be another slow number, you’ll be surprised when it switches into a rocking number that will have you singing along.

Amie Miriello’s debut album I Came Around is released by Jive Records on Sept. 2, 2008.

01. I Came Around
02. Pictures
03. Coldfront
04. Brand New
05. Snow
06. Grey
07. Beauty of Goodbye
08. Mother Cries Wolf
09. Who You Really Are
10. Drifter
11. Hey

Amie Miriello: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany



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  1. not really sure i’m loving it

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