Boy Genius @ the M Room, Philadelphia

Saturday night, I entered Philadelphia’s The M Room way overdressed — cocktail dress and heels — having come straight from a wedding. I definitely stood out in the, what I’ll call a “hipster” bar where jeans and vintage store finds dominate the fashion sense, but I wasn’t about to risk missing a single second of Brooklyn quartet Boy Genius‘ set as they ended their tour in Philadelphia.

Following two heavier bands, the light and bright indie pop that flowed forth from the stage as Boy Genius played was nothing short of welcome, a sentiment shared by the bar crowd at the M Room as they made their way into the venue from the bar and billiard tables. The quartet played a solid set of both tunes from recent release Anchorage and new songs.

Having previously performed at Pop Fest in Athens, Ga., front man Jason Korenkiewicz let it slip that guitarist Marisa Cerio ganked a brick from a church with R.E.M. significance while in R.E.M.’s hometown. The crowd had a good laugh as the band then joked that we could see the brick for $5 each. The laughter didn’t last long as the audience got lost in the foursome’s tight tune with solid beats from drummer Lisa Klimkiewicz and poppy melodies from Korenkiewicz and Cerio.

Boy Genius: Jason Korenkiewicz

Marisa Cerio

Boy Genius: Marisa Cerio

Jeffrey Mensch

Boy Genius: Jeffrey Mensch

Lisa Klimkiewicz

Boy Genius: Lisa Klimkiewicz

Set List:
Tied In Two
No Beginning
Talk About Love
Hardest Part
Radio Silence

Boy Genius: myspace | Anchorage review | interview with


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