The Honorary Title – Scream & Light Up The Sky

The most distinctive thing about The Honorary Title is singer Jarrod Gorbel‘s voice. I have yet to meet a woman who would not love having Gorbel sneak into her room at night and make love to her with his silky pipes. He holds true to this on THT’s latest release, Scream & Light Up The Sky. The album is filled with everything that he is capable of vocally from his soft, whisper-like pleas to his powerful, soaring cries of passion that cause his voice to break in the most delightful of ways.

The group is known for their folk-esque, lush indie-pop melodies, most often laden with melancholy melodies of heartbreak and sex; this new release is no different. The one exception is “The City’s Summer,” a celebratory track that one can’t help but bop their head along to. The changes in the opening track, “Thin Layer,” are divine and irresistible, proving the group’s mastery in their style of songwriting.

The group has always had a flair for smart lyrics: “Have your lips grazed another’s yet / Or am I the only one? / Every time I try to speak to you / Those are the thoughts that run,” opens the slow-dance ready “Only One Week.” However, I don’t feel anything the group could come up with would be capable of topping a line from “Cut Short”—a track from their previous release Anything Else But The Truth–“We can be like onions and peppers in a sleeping bag fajita.” Honestly? What’s more endearing than that?

All in all, Scream & Light Up The Sky is another win for The Honorary Title. Play this album in the background of a casual late-night gathering, or while stealing some smooches (and then some) from your squeeze. The whole album flows, creating a fantastic, mellow atmosphere, and upon closer listens, will break your heart.

Scream & Light Up The Sky is available now.

Tour Dates
: (acoustic shows – just Jarrod and Adam)
Sep 04 – Jack Rabbits / Jacksonville, Fl.
Sep 05 – The Social / Orlando, Fl.
Sep 06 – Common Grounds / Gainesville, Fl.
Sep 07 – Orpheum / Tampa, Fl.

The Honorary Title: website | myspace


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