Shy Child / Jaguar Love @ the Trocadero, Philadelphia

Shy Child
By the time I arrived at the Trocadero, Shy Child was already powering through an electronic based and hugely dynamic set. It’s obvious that Pete and Nate live for their music and want nothing more than to show their audience a wild time. The set was tight and tons of fun.

Shy Child

Shy Child

Jaguar Love
After Sunday night’s performance, I finally understood where Jaguar Love gets its name: lead singer Johnny Whitney more often than not sounds like a cat in heat. Johnny Whitney’s vocals were once described as “like Robert Plant on steroids, or Perry Farrell after a sex change.” A cross between Little Richard and David Lee Roth came to my mind.

The set was wildly energetic and got the crowd sufficiently pumped for headliners The Faint (more on them in a post to come!), but I could’ve done with more instrumentals and far fewer vocals.

Johnny Whitney

Cody Votolato

Jay Clark

Shy Child: website | myspace
Jaguar Love: website | myspace | Take Me To The Sea review



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