Cut Copy at Monolith

At a time where the marriage between dance and rock is neighboring inevitable, Cut Copy walk the line as pioneers of the new sound movement. Their 2008 return In Ghost Colours delivers both timelessness and forward thinking as the trio embarks on the next phase of their acclaimed career. Haunted with machines of the past and sounds of the future, In Ghost Colours inhabits the space in time where trends are irrelevant and 1969 is as important as 2020. Both electronic and organic, Cut Copy have crafted a record filled with glorious sounds and moods, unabashed pop song structures with hooks and melodies for eons.

Get a feel for Cut Copy now:

Cut Copy’s 2004 debut Bright Like Neon Love introduced the band as a dance-infused trio whose songs transcended the carbon copy pop makers of modern disco. Bright Like Neon Love produced two groundbreaking singles, “Going Nowhere” and “Saturdays,” which boasted the vision of
frontman/Cut Copy creator Dan Whitford and the talents of drummer Mitchell Scott and guitarist Tim Hoey. As the band evolved into an Australian Festival mainstay, they also toured globally with Franz Ferdinand in preparation for their follow up album.

The songs that Cut Copy collected in the period following Bright Like Neon Love arrived as promising bones of a more assured, song-based follow up. This idea was something that appealed to Tim Goldsworthy, DFA’s inhouse producer, programming guru, synth mogul and eventual “muse” for In Ghost Colours. Goldsworthy was enlisted for the project after a series of conversations with the band (admitted DFA fans).

The deal was further solidified when frontman Dan Whitford found that he and Goldsworthy shared an equal obsession with ELO’s Time. When it was learned that Goldsworthy dropped out of school to follow My Bloody Valentine around England in the ‘80s and could pinpoint every pedal that was used for every sound on Loveless, the contract was signed in blood.

The record is sewn together with passages of plush dreamscapes between the straight out jams. The perfect world of Cut Copy comes from their influences of Sonic Youth, ELO, and Daft Punk, the band with whom Cut Copy received the privilege to tour in 2007.

As In Ghost Colours is set to become the new club, car, and headphones anthem, Cut Copy are ready – guitars, synths, and microphones ablaze, with a 12-month world tour slated for mid-February through 2009. Their transition from past to present will undoubtedly be a favored one as the Melbourne boys head for the future, setting hearts on fire.

You can catch Cut Copy at the Monolith Festival on the Esurance Main Stage at 4:30PM on Saturday, September 13th.

Cut Copy: website | myspace


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