The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound

Sideonedummy Records has had a pretty damn good year. With brilliant albums by Gogol Bordello and The Briggs already under their belt, one could safely assume that their catalog of releases for 2008 may have already reached its prime, meaning no disrespect whatsoever.

It would be quite the challenge to dethrone one, let alone both of the previously stated releases because honestly, they just really are that fucking good. Yet, as though both blind and deaf to this notion, The Gaslight Anthem, a band that easily fits the definition of both underrated and overlooked, seems to sneak in below the radars to punch this slight media snub right in the nose.

With a sound that I have trouble typecasting as “punk,” in a Bouncing Souls sense of the word, the band somehow remains bold and standoffish in other successful manners. Their guitars go riff for riff with an Atari’s record, pacing their breakdowns of calm picking and slight plucking at just the right moment to break up the power-chord heavy feel of the verses. Subbing the vocals of The Atari’s Kris Roe sound for that of the likes of Bruce Springsteen, the albums vocal approach more of a deep, saddened sound than I expected.

Like The Boss, the group’s storytelling is vivid and detailed, clearly painting a picture of every image, memory and vision that the narrator sees, recalls, or feels. The lyrical content of the album is both moving and easily related to, without slipping over into the dreaded “emo” area that tends to leave artists with that “whiny” tag that is sometimes hard to shake. However, emo seems to be the farthest thing in mind while spinning The ’59 Sound. I personally can easily picture myself surrounded by myriad people flowing throughout a rather skanky venue, with rock hands raised above their heads, making noise to the beats of the albums countless songs. To me, there is very little more punk than that.

You can grab The Gaslight Anthem’s The ’59 Sound in stores nationally, August 19th, 2008. Also check the links below for tour information and track samples.

The Gaslight Anthem: website | myspace


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