makeupbreakup – We Prefer Not To…

As a drummer, I’ve also been that asshole in the back of the venue sporting the “drum machines have no soul” t-shirt. Needless to say, it isn’t an easy task to impress me with electronic music. A majority of the time, in my opinion at least, it all seems to use the same unimpressive, cookie cutter copied blueprints of how to make an album that leaves me wanting to flip the lights in my living room on and off in a mock rave.

Yet, there are also those rare few bands who manage to break the “insert Moog over Casiotone drum tones” mold. makeupbreakup is certainly one of those exception. With a sound that somehow mixes “Golden Years” David Bowie with the best aspects of Depeche Mode, catchy hooks made up of Moog riffs so sweet they should come with a FDA warning for diabetics are just a given.

Lyrically, however, a great deal of unnecessary pressure is placed on the shoulders of the musical composition of the albums songs, as the storytelling is rather simplistic and drab. “Jungle City,” We Prefer Not to…’s third track, seems to be the only cut on the album that sways from this path, attempting an effort at lyrics that go a touch deeper than not. However, these boys never claimed to be writing to please fans of The Beatles, choosing instead to please the masses who swear by She Wants Revenge and New Order.

So, if you find yourself in the latter group, please check out this album, which will be released nationally August 19th, 2008 on S.A.F. Records.

makeupbreakup: website | myspace



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