The Gallery – If You Know What I Mean

The Gallery must take their band name very seriously because each song on their debut album If You Know What I Mean acts as intimate portrait. Listening to each song is like taking a stroll at an art exhibit, with each masterpiece revealing more about the artist, making The Gallery a fitting band name. Perhaps “masterpiece” is a strong word, and while the boys in The Gallery aren’t quite on the same level as say Picasso‘s Three Musicians, these four musicians at least show that potential.

Picture a folksy version of Saves the Day with Kenny Vasoli‘s (The Starting Line, Person L) vocals — that gives you a taste of what you can expect from The Gallery. You can also expect refreshing lyrics. Usually from a group so young, I would typically expect a bunch of songs about girl drama. But the problems mentioned on this album are much more real and universal. Singer Brendan Cooney talks about his struggles with self-doubt and worries about the future. Things that are understandable for a guy who steps up to front man duties and takes a risk on relocating the band to Florida while they were on the verge of a break up.

The struggles of the band are heavily revealed in “The Introduction” where Cooney sings, “I don’t like this place and I miss home more than anything / But I’m sticking it out for a little while, cause this is where my dreams have brought me.” The lyrics aren’t very complex, but the simplicity and honesty of the lyrics over the slower instrumental folk music perfectly introduces the listener to these struggles.

Although the themes of doubt in loneliness are prevalent in songs like “Drift,” the boys don’t turn the whole album into a sad story of their bittersweet move to Florida. “Consider This” shows how important faith is to their confidence. On “My Rhythm” the group has found their confidence and won’t be held back, saying “You can just keep your feet off my dance floor if you can’t sway with my rhythm.” Although, drummer Ryan Cooney‘s rocking drum beats and big cymbal crashes make it very difficult for anybody to not want to dance with this group.

If You Know What I Mean is an impressive debut and doesn’t lack in variety. The band balances their slower folk numbers with more rocking songs. Lyrically, they are very relateable and ridiculously catchy. I dare you to try not to sing along with songs like “If You Know What I Mean” and “Circus Song.” Definitely give this album a listen because you will be hearing more from these guys.

If You Know What I Mean is released by Blue Duck Records on August 12, 2008.

01. Drift
02. Consider This
03. Where We Began
04. Kingdoms
05. The Introduction
06. Surroundings
07. My Rhythm
08. Circus Song
09. The Lonely Disease
10. If You Know What I Mean

The Gallery: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany



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