Fiasco @ International Waters, Philadelphia

The best way I can think of describing last night’s Fiasco show in the basement of a West Philly house known as International Waters is “an awesome aural assault.” The Brooklyn trio, currently touring the East Coast (dates below) in support of forthcoming release Native Canadians in October on Impose Records, tore apart the basement with only a drum kit, a bass, a guitar and a couple of small Peavey amps.

As basement shows are wont to be, it was one of the most intimate shows I’ve been to in a long time…and one of the loudest. Basement acoustics are generally lacking, but that didn’t dampen Fiasco’s fierce energy as they powered through their set, inspiring dancing and singing along from the crowd.

Drummer Julian Bennett Holmes wails on his kit with speed and skill that I’ve never seen before. Just as impressive was guitarist Jonathan Edelstein who often played solely on the fret board rather than playing his guitar as it would be typically strummed. His riffs were nothing short of ripping as Fiasco unleashed musical insanity in West Philadelphia.

Bassist Lucian Buscemi announced that [Discovery Channel’s] “Shark Week” inspired him to write a song about a couple eaten by a shark, which he had, in fact, seen on “Shark Week.” I’m fairly certain that Holmes’ hi-hat also had an unfortunate encounter with “Shark Week” as one side of it looked as if it had been chewed up. I’m honestly surprised it was mostly in tact and unharmed due to the nature of Holmes’ Animal-esque drum playing.

If elements of classic hard rock weren’t obvious enough in Fiasco’s performance, they played an amazing and energetic cover of Black Sabbath‘s “War Pigs.” The crowd absolutely loved the cover and rocked along with the song, singing aloud. They sang along with some Fiasco originals, too, which I found impressive.

Catching Fiasco at International Waters was one of the most interesting shows I’ve been to in a long time and I’m of the opinion that only these iPhone pictures truly captured the atmosphere of the evening. Some dude was snapping actual photos with a legit camera (I’d never been to the “venue” and some West Philly neighborhoods can be mad sketchy), but I’ve not been able to locate them on vast interwebs. If, someday, I do find them, I’ll link ’em up for your visual enjoyment.

Regardless of the picture situation, make it your business to check out Fiasco while they’re on tour through mid-August, starting tonight at Comet Pizza and Ping Pong in Washington DC. You’re in for a good fuckin’ time!

Tour Dates:
Aug 08 – Comet Pizza and Ping Pong [w/ The Apes, Double Dagger!]- Washington DC
Aug 09 – AD Lib / Lancaster, Pa. [w/ Deerhunter, Times New Viking, Hot Guts]
Aug 10 – John Boyle O’Reilly Club Parking Lot / Springfield, MA [w/ Bat Attack & American Business Machines!]
Aug 11 – AS220 / Providence, RI [w/ The Brown Book & Bat Attack]
Aug 12 – House party / Boston, MA
Aug 13 – The Bakery / Burlington, VT [w/ Bat Attack + more tba!]
Aug 14 – Daniel St Club / Milford, CT [w/ PANTHER & Digital Leather]
Aug 15 – Silent Barn / Brooklyn [w/ Future Islands, EAR PWR, more]

Fiasco: website | myspace | download “Oh You Horny Monster”



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