Previously On Lost

New York City’s Previously On Lost (Adam Schatz and Jeff Curtin) is the (only) genuine TV recap rock band. What does that mean? They write and record weekly songs reflecting on each episode of the hit show “Lost.” Each week, the pair updates their MySpace with a new song for the episode that’s just aired.

According to, “The songs are hilarious and cool, somewhat like a frantic mash of Frank Zappa and Flaming Lips with a dose of old Disney musicals for good measure,” while Flavorpill proclaims the duo’s offerings are “..boisterous anthems that reiterate each episode’s essential plot points and character developments.”

The niche comedy band will be touring the West Coast this month with East Coast dates to be announced shortly. Check out a live show”

As the season comes to a close, the boys rained rigorously as a seven piece live band to performed their first show at NYC’s Knitting Factory. Introducing the premiere of the “Previously on Lost: the live experience.” There were free leis for all in attendance.

This summer Jeff and Adam and the Previously On Lost crew will take their “show” on the road. Dates in the west are all set and East Coast dates to be announced soon.

Tour Dates:
Aug 18- The Elbo Room-San Francisco
Aug 19- Spaceland– Los Angeles
Aug 20- Silverlake Lounge– Los Angeles
Aug 21- The Knitting Factory– Los Angeles
Previously On Lost: myspace | download “The Wink” | download “Be My Contestant”


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