Tilly and the Wall @ the Music Hall of Williamsburg

Remember how we recently posted SPIN’s current top 25 live bands? Well, Tilly and the Wall should be on that list. Their set is always high energy, ridiculously fun, and totally dance-worthy. Plus, there’s always confetti [Ed. Note: Unless you were at the First Unitarian Church on Sunday night when the R5 guys requested that confetti not happen – anything else went, though].


Too Excited
Rainbows In The Dark
Falling Without Knowing
Bad Education
Beat Control
Dust Me Off
Tall Tall Grass
Big Gust
Pot Kettle Black
Sing Songs Along
Lost Girls
Fell Down the Stairs
Nights Of The Living Dead

Here are some photos:

Kianna AlaridPhotos: Dese'Rae Stage

Neely Jenkins and Jamie Presnall

Jamie Presnall

Derek Presnall

I’ll be interviewing them and checking out their show tonight (yes, again) at the Bowery Ballroom, too. Stay tuned.

Tilly & the Wall: website | myspace | O review | live review

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  1. […] can catch the Ruby Suns on tour with Tilly and the Wall for another week. In November they head overseas with another PopWreckoning favorite, The […]

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