Meet Glen Campbell

I’m sure it’s no surprise that Glen Campbell is an artist well before my time. Well before your time, young, nubile readers. Time be damned, because old Glen has decided to release a brand new album next month titled, ironically enough, Meet Glen Campbell.

Popular back in the 60s, Campbell’s latest recorded endeavor is an unfortunate attempt at achieving relevancy well past his time. In his day, Campbell played alongside Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Nat King Cole. It may be unfair to dredge up names of his deceased peers, but it’s less fair for the elderly crooner to hop a ride on the coattails of far more contemporary rockers like The Foo Fighters, Green Day and Travis (yep, that one song you know by them).

“I really like all of the songs and I had a great time recording them. While I didn’t write these songs, this sounds like a Glen Campbell album, which is important to me,” says Campbell.

Be that as is may, Glen, you’ve had your hits, made your millions and have been inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Take it easy, old man. While the royalty checks may not be as fat as they used to, taking a banjo to and upping the tempo of “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” is not the answer.

Conversely, if you think Campbell is onto something, look for Meet Glen Campbell out August 19th on Capitol Records.

01. Sing [Travis] :: stream
02. Walls [Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers]
03. Angel Dream [Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers]
04. Times Like These [Foo Fighters]
05. These Days [Jackson Browne]
06. Sadly Beautiful [The Replacements]
07. All I Want Is You [U2]
08. Jesus [Velvet Underground]
09. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) [Green Day]
10. Grow Old With Me [John Lennon]

Glen Campbell: website | Meet Glen Campbell trailer | stream “Sing” (Travis)



18 Responses

  1. Maybe it would just be better if you spent more of the time left of your youth by reviewing artists & releases you’re more familiar with. You’re obviously not mature enough to recognize a good musician.

  2. So it’s safe to say you liked it A LOT ?

  3. Absolutely 😉

  4. Never having read your blog before, I don’t know if this one is typical of your writing. However, if your intent is to present a critical review of an album, it seems to me that you should make several specific comments and observations regarding the musical aspects of the album under review (the vocals, the arrangements, etc.) You made only two musical comments in your entire “review”: 1) the use of the banjo in “Good Riddance”, and 2) the tempo of “Good Riddance.” You are actually wrong on the 2nd point as the Campbell version and Green Day version are EXACTLY the same tempo (96 beats per minute…do the math)!

    It seems rather obvious that your bias against older
    artists recording anything clouded your ability to present a fair assessment of this album. The lack of any specific comments about any of the other 9 tracks makes me wonder if you even listened to the entire album.

    As for me, I prefer to evaluate music based on the performances and songs I hear…not on the age of the


  5. This isn’t meant to be a review. We don’t have a copy of the album. It’s a news item mentioning the release of the album.

    Never meant to be a review as we’ve not heard then entire thing. So no, this is not typically how we review albums.

  6. Aren’t you “youngsters” supposed to be more tolerant than us rigid, stuck in the mud “old timers”? What til you hear the music before deciding you don’t like it or don’t want to listen to it. Good music is good music and a good performance is a good performance regardless of who does it.

    In the immortal words of that great philospher J.T. Kirk, “Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant”. Be tolerant whether it’s from young minds or older minds…….

  7. Laddie you don’t know what your talking about. Glen is and always will be on of the greatest artists in the world. Concert tickets sell like wildfire and he has millions of fans worldwide. Comment on the album once you have heard it all. I wonder how many of your favourite singers / groups will be filling theatres in 30 years time?
    You may be surprised when you hear the album.



  8. hey guys, I totally appreciate your feedback and defense of Glen. I’m not saying he’s a bad musician. I mostly thought it seemed ridiculous to me at 2AM this morning while reading the press release for album.
    I don’t understand him covering Green Day and the Foo Fighters and U2 when he does have millions of fans and makes more money than I’ll ever see on his own musical merits.
    If and when I hear the album in its entirety, I may change my mind. But, to clarify, not attacking his musical skill, just the idea of it all.

  9. Popwreconing, I’m not ragging on you, but you don’t make sense. Glen can’t cover new tunes because he’s made a boat load of money? He’s never written tunes (maybe a couple) and has ALWAYS recorded others’ tunes. His biggest hits were written by John Hartford, Jimmy Webb, Larry Weiss, and Alan Tousaint (sp?).

    Johnny Cash did this in the 5 years before he died and it was very very successful. Willie Nelson continues to record with different people and different tunes.

    Or is this a case of old age discrimination? When you get to a certain age, pack it up and let the youngsters have at it?

    Maybe writing blogs at 2 am isn’t a good idea. When my kids don’t make sense, usually it’s a case of needing some sleep. Go take a nap and then re-read this. It’ll make more sense to you. Sleep well……..

  10. Well, let’s try saying Glen covered these songs for the simple reason that THEY ARE GOOD SONGS. I think an album of cover tunes that are “outside the box” is kinda cutting edge…. why wouldn’t you? Do you realize there are some musicians (many who may be in today’s most recent & trendy music scene) who admire Glen for his guitar talent & his ear from a good song?

    Glen is a country boy (from my home state of Arkansas) at heart (no pun intended), but as some reviewers have labeled him, he is very “countrypolitan”, too. Which only reflects his talent that few casual music fans fail to pick up.

  11. It’s a news item mentioning the release of the album? Are you kidding me? This was a review – written, I understand, by someone who has not heard the work. Done psychically, I guess.

    In addition, while I am not yet in the age ball park of Mr. Campbell, one had to read with wonder your obvious disdain for Mr. Campbell’s record, based solely on his age. That was amazing to me in this day and age. You would have fit in nicely in the middle ages.

    “Unfortunate attempt at achieving relevancy past his time” – his time? When, exactly, is one’s time? “Unfortunate attempt” – how do you know it’s unfortunate – you haven’t heard the work.

    “Dredge up the names of his deceased peers” – I think this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone referring to Elvis Presley simply as a “deceased peer”. Brilliant!.

    “Less fair for an elderly crooner to hop a ride on the coattails…” – and you have not heard the record? How could you possibly know whether it is fair or not?

    Geeze…nothing like hearing from an “expert”. Buy the record, listen to it, then your “news item” might have some credibility…though I doubt it.

  12. I get it my friend, you mention money. Glen has not done this album for money. He could have retired years ago. Glen has made this album because we his fans wanted a new album, and we wanted something different. Glen has answered the call and gave us something new and unique in his repertoire. He has I feel placed the fans first and foremost.



  13. John B – Not a review. And have never called myself an expert.

    Will (Bonnie) – If you (the fans) wanted it, than I’m happy he’s giving it to you, regardless of my opinion. If he’s putting his fans first, he’s got my respect.

  14. Confushios say: When reviewing a new cd honorable you much first actually listen to the music. I have listened to it so I can now comment.. … Awesome!!
    Everyone should check it ou!!!

  15. Confucius. And still not a review.

  16. You say its a report but it bleeds of your opinion all over this article. Not really a news bit then. I have read your stories before, you cover allot more modern bands and artists so I think Paul was right on the money about this article.

  17. […] I had issues with that other guy’s cover album (it’s just so random), this is a nice tribute that I hope both Dead Heads and Joseph fans […]

  18. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. keep working!

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