Get ready to re-think Algebra. No longer does it mean high school math, but it is the sultry sounds of songstress Algebra Blessett.

The Georgian beauty, hailing from Atlanta, and neo-soulstress demonstrates stunning musical prowess with depth, heart and a style all her own. Bucking the mainstream trend towards focusing on one’s image, Algebra insists that she can only be discovered aurally. Her debut album Purpose released late last month has breathed life back into the R&B genre.

Algebra taught herself to play guitar and performed regularly at open mics after having sung backup for other artists previously. This pivotal point in her career afforded her the time to develop her writing and performance skills even further without the harness of a prescribed format. “Soon you learn not to care what others think, you learn to perform for you. I would come back week after week and I learned to perform for balance and for freedom. I was becoming alive.”

This organic approach permeates her music. Collaborating with award-winning songwriter and producer Brian Michael Cox on “What Happened” quickly proved to be a true showcase of her brilliance. This soulful ballad is delivered so honestly and with such vulnerability that it sounds like it could be her autobiography.

As the first artist to be released on the revamped Kedar Entertainment Group, Algebra enters the contemporary soul music landscape following legacies created by artists like D’Angelo, Erykah Badu and India.Arie, yet her sound is unique. Algebra at first is unassuming, but it takes mere moments for you to recognize that she is not just a tempest in a teapot but more like the catalyst of a paradigm shift.

When asked the question, what does Purpose mean to her and this project that she has waited so long to share with the world; Algebra replied, “The defining moment of purpose is when you realize all that you have is worth less than nothing and still, life is worth living.”

With there being only two universal languages in this world – Math and Music; fate would have it that Algebra represents both.

Algebra: myspace | stream, watch “Run & Hide”
Kedar Entertainment: website


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