Ben Folds New Album “Way to Normal” Out September 30th

PianoEpic Records is proud to announce the release of the much-anticipated new album from Ben Folds, WAY TO NORMAL, on September 30, 2008. The album, Folds’ third as a solo artist since the break up of the Ben Folds Five in 2000, was mostly recorded at his studio in Nashville and produced by Dennis Herring (Elvis Costello, Modest Mouse, The Hives). Featuring Folds on vocals and piano, Way to Normal also features long-time bassist Jared Reynolds and drummer Sam Smith as well as a guest vocal from indie pop heroine Regina Spektor on the album’s first single, “You Don’t Know Me.”

Way to Normal is an exuberant, raucous, and sometimes profane mix of sure-fire crowd-pleasers (“Hiroshima,” “Bitch Went Nuts,” and the frenetically fuzzed-out “Dr. Yang”), cheerful snark-fests (“The Frown Song,” “Brainwascht”), and thoughtful, moving ballads (“Cologne,” “Kylie From Connecticut”) that Folds wrote at the end of 2007 following the finalization of a two-year divorce.

But it should not be assumed that Way to Normal is Folds’ version of Marvin Gaye‘s Here My Dear or Bob Dylan‘s Blood on the Tracks, though Folds says that in the early stages of recording he came close to calling the album “Blood on the Keyboard”).

“The songs are not topical,” Folds says. “I was not interested in making a record about the D-word. I got all that stuff out of my system on the last record [2005’s pensive Songs for Silverman], which was deliberately stoic. This new album is really about me being free, which is why it feels cathartic and expressive. It’s about me coming back to being myself. I came out of the courthouse, kissed the ground, and walked straight into the studio. I felt like a bottle of champagne that had been shaken for 18 months and popped open in the studio. That’s why this record has so much energy.”

Ben Folds has been performing at many summer festivals this year, and will continue to tour worldwide in support of Way To Normal throughout the fall and into 2009.

Tour Dates:
Jul 27 – Fuji Rocks / Niigata, Tokyo
Sep 06 – Mann Center / Philadelphia
Sep 07 – Schermerhorn Symphony Center / Nashville
Oct 03 – Embassy Theatre / Ft. Wayne, In.
Oct 04 – Kentucky Center / Louisville
Oct 08 – Ohio University / Athens
Nov 21 – Schouwburg / Hague, Holland
Nov 26 – Vicar Street / Dublin
Nov 27 – Vicar Street / Dublin
Nov 30 – Shepherds Bush Empire / London

Ben Folds: website | myspace


4 Responses

  1. There’s a leaked version out there as of last week, but don’t be surprised if most of the songs that appear on the official version are vastly different from the ones out there now.

    The versions he’s been performing live lately aren’t anything like the ones on the leaked “Way To Normal” – I’m guessing the leaked version is a nice little practical joke from Mr. Folds.

  2. Wowsers. That’s divorce number three.

    But I’m glad. I never thought Frally was a very nice person from my encounters with her.

  3. He’s already on marriage number 4… Fleur seems nice enough 🙂

  4. So y’all are BFF with Ben and know his ex-wives? haha

    Well, Ben darling, should you be looking for a rebound…

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